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'Bibop' Gabriele Gresta

Chairman & Co-Founder, Hyperloop Transportation Technology
Bibop Gabriele Gresta

Bibop Gabriele Gresta, global expert in finance, transportation and media, specializes in mass market community building and project design. He is a world-renowned speaker, featured at the World Economic Forum, The United Nations, Ted Talks, and other global conferences, and is now focused on transportation and human mobility. He is a respected activist in Transhumanism and Ethical Entrepreneurship.

In 2014 Gresta partnered with Dirk Ahlborn, CEO and co-founder of Jump Starter, Inc. as COO and Chairman for Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc. Now, as Chairman, he coordinates a team of 600+ professionals in 40+ countries - the first on the globe to begin development of the Hyperloop TM. Gresta co-founded the influential startup incubator Digital Magics SPA, responsible for the start-up of more than 70 companies, in 2004 and served as venture partner. Gresta became Software Development Director for multi-national Alpha Center International (Italy), leading a team that developed a disruptive super-learning system, implemented in several nations. While still in his teens Bibop Gresta became a formidable producer, host and author of hit TV programs on Italian national television, founding Bibop, S.p.A., a content production and distribution company. Within the company's first two years it reached just under 4.25 million Euro in revenues.