Culture Summit

What's inside the Culture Summit for you

Creating a High Performance Culture.Businesses of every size and industry chase after a brag worthy company culture. After all, it impacts performance, fuels productivity, promotes growth and raises brand power. Find out how to foster a culture of excellence in your company and reap long-term benefits.Culture Summit is a cross-functional and cross-industry conference that brings together founders, thought leaders and culture champions to deliver actionable culture solutions for companies and also start-ups. The culture of its workplace determines the success of a company, a business or an enterprise. The Summit will discuss various culture practices that different businesses follow for a prospective future.

Create a Winning Culture at Workplace

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs is hiring and keeping top talent. Learn how and where to find the best candidates,why a winning company culture is crucial to get the most from your peopleand what the latest, best practices are to spur innovation. Also, find out how - with the right team and tactics - your organization can not just compete, but also thrive and how to showcase your company culture to consistently bring competent, high-calibrecandidates at your doorstep.

  • The aim should be to create a culture where millennials can flourish. Youshould communicate yourobjective to individuals, teams and organizations to invite them.
  • You should transform societal approach to relationship building.
  • From measuring to defining, living and evolving - a successful company culture creates a positive, unique working environment, where businesses and employees grow.

It is also important to retain talent who will be required in company's image building.

How to Make Leadership Buy into Concept of Change

Change is survival. In this fast-evolving business landscape, the success of an enterprise is based on its founders' and managers' ability to adopt change and transition. Employee 9+ requisites should determine the behaviour of leaders.
70 per cent of efforts on the part of an organization to bring in change fail because initiatives don't get enough buy-in from its employees at all levels. You can have a revolutionary idea for your company, but without buy-in for it, nothing will happen.

  • We need to emulate entrepreneurship in a corporate set-up, make the business case for cultural initiatives.
  • The aim should be to weave tomorrow's technology into today's business.
  • Leadership should pave the way to bring about change in an organization.
  • A customer-centric culture can be created by aligning your organization around your most valuable asset.
  • Be lean, agileand flexible to tackle blockers and encourage the enlightened. Take a risk and get cracking.

How to Be Resilient: First Aid for Entrepreneurs

No one intentionally plans to face adversity, but it happens. Learn from those who've been there, done that and have the business battle scars to prove that bouncing back from a setback is possible.
Dealing with challenges is part of life and business. But, your biggest business trials can often lead to your most valuable triumphs. From a panel of battle-tested entrepreneurs, learn how mishaps and missteps can be your greatest blessing with its transformational benefits and insights.
These experienced players can actually suggest you the following:
The session will discuss:

  • When is the appropriate time to choose between leadership and products/services?
  • How to survive a cultural shift in consumer needs?
  • How to stand the test of time, ensuring that the business remains streamlined?

Reinventing: Getting your Mojo Back

It can take anything from secret meetings to firing of several executives, a comprehensive employee and leadership development programme to get that mojo back.
For an entrepreneur, getting back on one's feet is a real game-changing move. At a time when needs of consumers are changing fast, individuals have to develop the art of reviving their skills and reinvent themselves to get back to the basics.

  • They should adapt to change and embrace new world order.
  • They should know how to survive an ailing business/vertical and think of re-starting it.
  • They should be adept at handling reputation crisis and learn to reinvent their brand.

Fundraising Like a Pro

Fundraising can be a long, complicated and arduous task. This session will get you to hear about the process from those who have done it before. This panel will narrate stories of entrepreneurs, who have raised and had their start-ups acquired, including tips and tricks that led them to success.

For a change, the panel will take up stories of entrepreneurs who have raised capital several times to create a sizeable business and not of investors.

  • What lies beyond business plan and excel sheets?
  • Making impact despite being a non-IIT or IIM
  • Who's your kind of investor?
  • Investor mindset - the entrepreneur perspective