Growth Summit

What's inside the Growth Summit for you

An enterprise always strives to grow. Businesses that are local are trying hard to expand globally and those with global presence are seeking to make inroads into domestic markets.Single enterprises want to expand and transform into franchises while multiple enterprises are working towards streamlining operations. In this evolving market dynamics, every organization is focussed on adapting to change and flourish. The Growth Summit will highlight ways to scale a business and sustain it.

Go Global: Build Business Beyond Borders

Going global need not be looked upon as a herculean task. Identify the countries to implement your expansion plans, based on your industry needs and purpose.

Learn how to go global from legal and budgetary perspectives. Follow methods to hire, negotiate and train your first employee in any country. Learn how to identify international partners to work with and build strategic relationships with diverse countries. Learn to implement the following basic business policies if you are thinking of expansion:

  • The New Global Mantra:Fusion of creativity - innovation flowing in from west to east and vice versa.
  • Taking the global market trends into consideration from the early stages of your business
  • Thinking global partnerships & acquisitions whenneeded or desired
  • Penetrating new markets & protecting your business against volatility

Think 'GLocal': How to Build a Localized Business That Will Grow Global

Even the most capable entrepreneurs are unable to grow businesses in many emerging markets due to lack of local investment resources. Please join the panel as they discuss different ways to get funding to the missing middle-companies that are beyond friends and family funding, but too small for banks or venture growth capital.

The panel comprises a diverse set of experts, including private and public sources of investment, business readiness firms, and incubators who will discuss innovative solutions for getting companies across the funding valley of death and help build sustainable local ecosystems.

How to Bridge the Start-up/ Enterprise Divide

Every entrepreneur is a small business owner at some stage of his/hergrowth.It becomes problematic when you stop being a start-up.

Every business sees an inflection point. The key lies in working persistently and diligently towards sustainability and survival. To need to ponder over the following issues:

  • When is it time to rethink about the cycle of launch-grow-survive
  • How to establish synergies with complimenting businesses to grow
  • When do you call yourself a sustained enterprise

#Scaling Culture

Overcoming the fear of remaining great as the company grew, with values intact, was a problem. This talk will cover how these entrepreneurs addressed this challenge and have grown substantially with over 250 employees onboard. It will focus on core principles of a company that guides the decisions they make and actions they take.