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Guilherme Mota

Country Manager, SalaryFits India
Guilherme Mota

Guilherme Mota is the Country Manager of SalaryFits India, a Fintech company that, through its platform, allows products or services providers to integrate their systems with payroll information of entities, providing access to a new risk assessment tool, as well as the possibility of deducting installments directly from oneís salary.

SalaryFits fits perfectly meet the objectives and initiatives to promote Financial Inclusion, breaking the paradigms of financial service delivery and accessibility. "We are confident that SalaryFits will create a health financial environment that will provoke inclusive growth through high quality services and low cost solutions for the benefit of the masses".

With significant experience consulting companies to the right strategies on international markets, currently over 10 years experience on Indian market, Mr. Guilherme Mota has worked with a range of different products and companies, developing projects related to their business plan, on M&As, and commercial and marketing strategies. Graduated on International Business and with additional background on Strategic Management and Valuation, Mr. Mota is a dynamic and innovative International Executive working towards businesses focused on the growth of BRICS' relationship.