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Mahesh Lingareddy

Mr. Mahesh Lingareddy

Founder and Chairman, Smartron
Mahesh Lingareddy

Mahesh's entrepreneurial journey began in the better part of two decades of his experience. His risk taking ability started early on where he turned down lucrative offers from established companies to join a startup fresh out of college. He later moved to Intel in the US, made a mark there. In 2006 he co-founded Soft Machines and under his leadership, it became a successful microprocessor start-up by raising more than US$100 million from diverse group of global investors and built a team of more than 250 employees across U.S., India and Russia. He successfully completed the sale of Soft Machines to Intel with exit valuation between $300 Million and $500 million based on the shareholder type.

His vast experience and the journey of being part of several technology trends across various countries came with a strong conviction: Set up a company in India that can envisage changes and trends at a global level. To realize this vision Mahesh founded Smartron on an equal footing with the world’s best. An entrepreneur at heart, Mahesh has always recognized the emerging technology trends and its market potential. Part of his vision is to see India playing a major role in the upcoming global IoT and AI wave. Smartron came into being on the wings of this dream. The core of Smartron is a reflection of Mahesh's belief in the new ‘India’. A belief that, as a nation, we have what it takes to be at the forefront of the next technology wave with product level innovation.Mahesh Lingareddy is committed to the vision and strategy for the company as well as building an open innovation platform to create a robust product ecosystem in the country.