Money Summit

What's inside the Money Summit for you

Whether technology or no-technology, sufficient capital is a must and is non-negotiable. The Money Summit will cover leading investors on how they view the next generation technologies and their ability to not only transform markets but to build scalable, profitable companies.

Where's the Money?

The Expert Capital Panel will talk about all things money. Learn best practices on securing financing and get insider information on where to look for funding.

  • State of the Capital Markets for Technology & Mid Market Companies
  • How to Best Position Your Business to Get Access
  • BigIdeas For a Better Bottom Line: How to Spend Capital Wisely
  • Where Will Disruption Make Money?

How to Put Family Money to Right Use

Even the most capable entrepreneurs are unable to grow businesses in many emerging markets due to lack of local investment resources. Please join the panel as they discuss different ways to get funding to the missing middle-companies that are beyond friends and family funding, but too small for banks or venture growth capital.

The panel comprises a diverse set of experts, including private and public sources of investment, business readiness firms, and incubators who will discuss innovative solutions for getting companies across the funding valley of death and help build sustainable local ecosystems.

The IPO Dilemma - Now or Never

Developing their ecosystem and engaging with investors are of paramount importance for start-ups to prosper. Collecting money from the market to fuel expansion is an evergreen way of raising funds, besidesbuildinga brandvalue. The Panel will discuss the perils and advantages of going the public way, and if the company should or should not.

  • When is the right time to launch a public offering
  • Does your company really need an IPO
  • Pros and cons of dealing with market money
  • How to build an ecosystem for company and public benefit post IPO

Banking and Alternative Lending

At a time when lending has become a highly lucrative business, the activity is not just limited to banks. The vast ways in which money can be lent by platforms has in itself become a skill that needs to be learnt and well understood by businesses.

  • Tapping on Bank and Other Forms of Funding
  • Banks Going Beyond Money - Offering Technology, Support to start-ups
  • Co-existing with Payment Companies,Including Wallets, P2P lending etc
  • Enhanced Role of Crowd funding, Venture Debt, Incubation Grants for Boosting Unique Ideas