Our Speaker

Mriganka Shome

Founder & CEO, Varenia CIMS
Mriganka Shome

Mriganka is afervent visionary who has the fire in the belly to change the way how current research world works and thus took the plunge to democratise research and push the envelope of market research to consumer intelligence

His vision is to make research a common tool to be used as much as by bigger MNCs as much as it should be used by start-ups, to take informed marketing decisions irrespective of turnovers and sizes of companies

Put together his experience in - Sales, Market Research, Consulting, Product Manager over the years - He believes that knowledge is not what you absorb but what you apply Knowledge, constant learning, changing technology and consumer environment - all merge to create a skill set and knowledge base at Varenia, that serves both individuals and corporations.

From a one-client company to a nearly fifty-client company in just 5 years, Mriganka is progressive in his beliefs and actions. Driven to make this company into a process-led organization, that delivers growth-oriented marketing answers through innovative, out-of-box, customized approaches; for marketers to grow and nurture their brands