Next Gen Summit

What's inside the Next Gen Summit for you

Next is now. One of the prime differences between an entrepreneur and a successful entrepreneur is that the latter lives in the future and makes decisions for the change that is not ahead of time, but just on the edge of becoming the next big thing.The nation's most innovative artists and entrepreneurs share their founding stories. What are the most innovative organizations doing to cut through the crowd and scale?

My Business, New Day, NewWay

Running a business in 2017?It can be tough to ignore outside pressures. Investors, mentors, advisors, your friends - seemingly everyone has an opinion.New Age Entrepreneurs will share their experiences on how they cut out adversities and unfavourable situations and finally tasted success, building their business their way.

Family is Everything

A successful multi-generational business requires more than just managerial skills. Entrepreneurs in family businesses have added value and amassed wealth by having long-term vision. Their penchant for hiring the right talent and an ode to legacy embedded in their DNAs play a key role.

The Family Business Entrepreneurs will speak about how their values influence their everyday business - from managing a business, to creatively financing, and empowering their employees to think like owners. This panel will not just focus on building a family enterprise but will highlight what it takes to build long-term sustainable value. The other points of discussion are:

  • How Millennial Entrepreneurs are Innovating Traditional Industries & Redefining Brands by not losing on core values
  • The Balancing Act: Bringing innovation in a legacy structure

Disruption from the Front Lines

The fourth industrial revolution is truly upon us, where machine intelligence is usurping human intelligence at an overwhelming speed. India must understand the enormity of this revolution's significance to drive it and become an industrial giant. The session highlights how the adoption can be accelerated by embracing the inevitable change in the way we exist - in the form of artificial intelligence, robots, virtual reality, and whatnots in both hardware and software.

The session will discuss:

  • Ideas that are quite a 'moon-shot'
  • Breaking the status quo - from developing cool technology to technology that disrupts the status quo. How businesses are using AR, VR, ML, AI
  • Can robots and humans co-exist in business?
  • Is Blockchain the answer for a safer digital world?

Building a Business that Matters: Community Building Lessons

There are those brands that just seem to attract raving fans.

  • What can be learnt from companies who seem to have created their own culture and following?
  • How do cult brands differentiate from other brands that sell the same product?
  • How do these brands use experience to promote a lifestyle
  • How do these brands seem to be exactly where their customer needs them to be?
  • How do they create such a sense of community?

Fundraising Like a Pro

Fundraising can be a long, complicated and arduous task. This session will get you to hear about the process from those who have done it before. This panel will narrate stories of entrepreneurs, who have raised and had their start-ups acquired, including tips and tricks that led them to success.

For a change, the panel will take up stories of entrepreneurs who have raised capital several times to create a sizeable business and not of investors.

  • What lies beyond business plan and excel sheets?
  • Making impact despite being a non-IIT or IIM
  • Who's your kind of investor?
  • Investor mindset - the entrepreneur perspective