Our Speakers

Rajesh Sharma

Director, Brand Capital

Apart from being a senior business leader, VC/PE professional, Rajesh Sharma is an entrepreneur at heart, who is a specialist at investing in starting and building new, innovative and high growth ventures across sectors. Part of the founding and leadership team, Sharma helped BCCL set up the innovative investment models of Brand Capital and Springboard.

As Director-Springboard, Sharma built their innovative investment model and created new consumer ventures like O’cean Beverages, Brandzstorm (Giordano, Swiss Eagle and other brands), LocalBanya, Lifespan, Dr. Tvacha, Cocoon Fertility, Moha & Kofol (Charak Phama), Ellementry.com, The Grannary, Eyespa, Irasva Fine Jewellery, etc, in partnership with some of the established business houses in the country. Over the last 24 years, Sharma has worked in senior leadership positions with companies like Times Group, Crisil (S&P), Kotak Mahindra, NIIT, etc, helping them build their new, inorganic, exponential growth ventures.

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