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Vaibhav Khandelwal

Co-Founder & CTO, Shadowfax

Vaibhav – A man of many talents & a multi-faceted personality
Vaibhav’s is a multifaceted personality. He is the brainy one – his graduate degree from IIT Delhi and his tech venture, Shadowfax, which he co-founded in 2015, at barely 23 years of age are the proofs. But if life would have chosen another trajectory for him, he might well have been a Radio Jockey or a Stand-up Comedian.

Tech Wizard at Shadowfax
Being is a problem solver by nature, he found Logistics to be a challenging sector to solve problems in – this is what attracted him to the sector in the first place.

Vaibhav is the tech wizard at Shadowfax. He also loves observing and interacting with people. His unique combination of a love for technology and a desire to help people has led to his passion – helping people better their lives using technology. He uses technology as a medium of interaction with people. Vaibhav firmly believes that technology can solve many big problems. Shadowfax itself is platform which is a unique amalgamation of technology and people to provide the last mile service.

Therefore, at Shadowfax too, his technical interventions and initiatives are focused towards making the process of last mile delivery, very Delivery Partners oriented. He has developed algorithms which make adjustments according to the comfort of the Delivery Partner (DP). For example, his algorithms take into consideration the familiarity levels of a DP with a particular geographical area.Another example being – the Shadowfax algorithm also matches a DP’s residential area to a required delivery area at night times. His ideas make an overall impact on the entire ecosystem of the company.

This simple man simply outstands
Vaibhav, by nature, is a believer in the process, he believes in doing and executing actions– achievements follow doing. He has high expectations from himself. He has already achieved much but it is just a beginning for him. A straight forward person, he believes getting the basics correct is the first step towards building a great a great future.

Born in Jaipur, Vaibhav comes from a joint family. He likes to playcricket and Kakuro, a Japanese mathematical puzzle. His wears his heart on his sleeves for his mother tongue, Hindi. Bhagwat Gita is his go to book at any given time and Kabir’s dohe are his stress busters. This tech wizard has a stout funny bone in his body. If you are lucky, you may just catchhim doing a one-off Stand-up comedy session at his favorite Bengaluru café.

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