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Varun Agni

CTO & Co-Founder, Bounce

Varun Agni is the CTO and Co-Founder of Bounce, India’s first smart mobility solution, with a mission of making daily commute stress-free, timesaving, reliable and convenient. Varun heads the tech innovation team and Bounce’s patented tech differentiator - the keyless technology, is his brainchild. With a background in computer network and telecommunications, Varun is responsible for building and managing the tech and R&D team.

The ‘challenge’ that comes with managing a technology start-up and building the tech that drives it, is what motivates Varun. A true tech geek at heart, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of technology to solve mobility issues and better the brand’s service in terms of accessibility, security etc. As an entrepreneur, Varun believes that best remuneration lies in being able to see how technology is solving real-world issues and its impact.

When Varun returned from USA, he observed that commute in India was fragmented and unreliable. Passionate about bikes, Varun and two of his friends, who are also Co-Founders of Bounce - Vivekananda HR and Anil G, started WickedRide offering premium motorcycle rentals. Soon they recognized a need gap for first and last mile connectivity in cities like Bangalore. A large segment of the population did not have easy access to any of the existing commute options. Varun believed that technology can be an enabler to democratize commute and make mobility accessible, affordable and convenient. This led to the creation of Bounce and its USP, keyless scooters in 2018.

Varun’s title as the CTO does not stop him from contributing and engaging with other teams. Often he is found fiddling with an employee’s computer, tweaking its efficiency. Varun is known for his absolute ownership towards every task. He believes that with autonomy comes greater efficiency and it builds team morale. As Bounce’s resident tech geek, Varun is known to organize hackathons for his team to gain a fresh perspective and to understand the potential pain-points in Bounce’s tech. There have been several instances wherein the observations or results from the hackathons have helped improve the efficiency of Bounce’s software.

Varun has eclectic hobbies; he is a licensed skydiver, an absolute foodie who brews his own beer and has extensive knowledge about liquor.

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