Day – 1 Leadership + Growth Summit
Strengthening the Innovation Ecosystem

It is imperative that we strengthen the innovation ecosystem and level the playing field so that all innovators, regardless of gender or background, get the opportunity to change the world.

  • How do we tap into the strength of our nation’s diversity and increase access to STEM programs?
  • How can early exposure to inventor role models inspire young, creative minds to innovate?
  • How can we encourage more people to patent their ideas, trademark their brands, take risks and engage in new and exciting sectors of the economy?

The road to $1-billionvaluation under three years

  • What it takes to create a successful Unicorn?
  • Why creating a business that people want to duplicate is key to building a successful Unicorn?

Can you future-proof your growth?

  • COVID is the first of many hard waves that will hit your business in the coming few years. Are they the biggest threat or the biggest opportunity?
  • Where should you be paying attention,turn radical disruption into radical growth?
  • Being relentlessly relevant in a chaotic world.

How to build for the world

Global expansion: Challenges, strategies and opportunities

How to build a community in a fragmented world
  • A creator’s view on the future of content, audience engagement and building communities.
  • The connected future of personal and professional growth.
Innovation Summit
Startup Innovation
A new dawn for delivery:
  • Building, preparing and creating for non-existent markets
  • Finding the future markets today
  • Innovations from hinterland/Bharat
  • Are localized solutions scalable?
Modern brands for the modern world
  • Need for creativity leading to diversity
  • The roles of brand and experience: unpacking how the fusion of the two can create a more conscious impact on businesses, people and the modern world.
  • Using data to build better products and grow faster: Steps for designing a product analytics strategy
  • Using social media to build your brand and network
The cultural express
  • Whys tartupsshould build communities instead of teams All hands on-board: The stakeholder engagement formula
  • Keeping the innovation juices running even during downtime
  • How to scale the technical team
  • Prioritizing people and customers
Corporate Innovation

How CEOs are leading companies through reinvention

  • What are the biggest challenges facing business leaders in 2022 and beyond?
  • How are CEOs fighting the attention warand driving diversity from the top office?
  • Digital-first strategy can reach consumers in new ways but also bring unseen risks.
Building a culture of innovation
  • Companies are constantly on the lookout for people and technologies that fuel innovation.
  • This is easier said than done, as innovating means trying something new; something different.
  • How are businesses finding the right balance?
Making sustainability sustainable
  • Micro-entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship
  • Creating the environment for everyone to realize their potential
Day – 2
Money Summit
Borderless Investing: Turning the world into one big marketplace
  • In the rapidly evolving investing landscape, are we fast moving towards an increasingly borderless global economy?
The rise of mission-led fintech
  • Making money accessible for all.
  • Solving invisible problems, securely.
The future of insurance
  • From a push product to a pull product.
  • Is the pandemic a blessing for the sector?
Seize the day: India as payments leader
  • India is already ahead of the world in terms of payment. How to hold on to the pole position?
  • Is the pandemic a blessing for the sector?
Capital & Investment

Betting on the future with XOXO

  • Looking ahead, what sectors will produce the next generation of household names? And what parts of the country will these startups come from?
The VC Trends for 2022-2023
  • What are VCs looking for while investing in startupsin 2022 and beyond?
  • The Indian tech scene is growing faster than the tech scenes almost anywhere else in the world. Will the pace of growth hold or is it a cause for concern?
From early stage to acquisition
  • The long path to acquisition, and the journey.
  • Wait for profitability or push for profitability?
Money & Tech in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Is the digital adoption here to stay?
  • The emerging consumer trends and the opportunity for financial services firms to innovate how they serve and deepen relationships with customers.
Decentralizing startupinvesting
  • Opening the doors for everyone to take part in the high-risk, high-return space
Web 3.0 Summit

Blockchain will shape the future of everything

Blockchain is officially mainstream. How did that happen and what does it mean? On-ramp to the future of the digital world.

Will metaverserebuild the society for the better

  • Will metaversedemocratize access to education and experiences?
  • Will it compounds inequities, fragments reality and erodes shared experiences?
  • How to build this new digital reality to advance humanity and solve the issues of the real world?
Building Web3.0communities
  • How to embrace audience?
  • How the macro trends of Web 3.0 and the decentralization of data ownership is changing the dynamics of the AI services and the shift in economical benefits from businesses to that of individuals in the context of NFTs.
Decentralizing money
  • Are cryptocurrencies a threat to fiat?
  • Will it change the world power hierarchy?
Turning an Innovation into a Product

The technical and deployment challenges of creating a product in metaverse that people can and will want to use.

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