DAY 1 - June, 2022
09:45 - 10:00 Welcome Note

Ritu Marya, Editor-in-Chief, Franchise India Media, Entrepreneur Media (India & APAC)

10:00 - 10:30

Building a New Digital Ecosystem
What will be the post-pandemic digital ecosystem?
How do we ensure that we’re creating an inclusive digital ecosystem?
The facets of digital in business with the latest thinking on innovation within digital.

10:30- 11:00

Privacy of Data or Democratization of Data
Is the Right to Data a Human Right?
Human rights are a key component of our modern international order. Our personal data has never been more vulnerable. A discussion on whether the human rights regime needs to be updated to account for these changes and to better protect our digital and personal data.

11:00 - 12:15 11:00- 11:15

11:15- 12:05

11:15- 11:20

STAGE 1: Deeptech: The Way Ahead

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning | SAAS | Cloud | Peopletech

Keynote: The key tech trends for 2021 and beyond

Panel: Tech, Innovation and Impact on Future

  • AI, robotics, machine learning and the future of design: How industries (healthcare, retail, agriculture, banking) can avoid the pitfalls to ensure a successful deeptech-driven transformation.
  • How SAAS and new cloud-based technologies can reduce the chaos in collaboration and work management in order to build a thriving workforce.

12:05-12:15 Keynote: Conversational AI -driving the future of brand-customer engagement?
12:15 -13:00 12:15- 12:25


STAGE 2: The Future of Society

Mobility I Logisitcs I Agritech I Cleantech

Keynote: Consuming the sustainable way

Panel: Sustainable Consumption

  • Climate Change: The New Energy & Renewable Energy
  • What is Inside the Next generation of Urban Mobility
  • Agritech– Beyond Food to Health and speed

13:00-14:15 13:00-13:15


STAGE 3: The Future of FinTech

Payments I Trading I Lending I Banking I Insuretech

Keynote: Building a cashless society to democratize households of all income levels

Panel: The Changing Dynamics of Money

  • The Democratization of Banking
  • Paytech: How Payment landscapes are changing
  • How Funding and Trading Platforms are looking to change
  • Alternative Credit: The way we seek credit has changed
  • How is insuretech disrupting the insurance industry?
  • Is India Ready for Crypto

14:15-14:30 KEYNOTE: Journey & Destination: India’s Digital Sojourn

DAY 2 - June, 2022
10:30- 11:00 KEYNOTE: How entrepreneurs can scale fast and scale right - managing and balancing fast growth

11:00- 12:00
11:00 -11:15

11:15- 12:00

STAGE 4: The Future of Work

Fireside chat - What it takes to build a Security-first customer-acquisition mindset?

Panel - How to augment UX, without compromising performance and security

  • Customers implicitly trust brands, how can brands build digital trust and customer loyalty?
  • Integrated digital ecosystem and subsequent complexity and impact on user experience
  • Balancing between scale, performance and security
  • Cyber security - strategy, planning and execution

12:00- 13:10 12:00- 12:15


12:30- 13:10

STAGE 5: The Future of Consumer tech

IOT I Ecommerce & D2C I Gaming I Customer Experience

Fireside Chat: The Era of the Consumer :Key trends to look out for in the customer experience in 2021.

How Tech is turning D2C Businesses more efficient and profitable

  • How gaming is defying audience convention and reshaping entertainment.
  • How should we be educating our Future Generations
  • How D2C will change FMCG and consumer Behaviour forever

Special Keynote:

Keynote: Changing the way we live and consume

13:25 - 14:0013:25- 14:00

STAGE 6: The Future of HealthTech

Panel: Healthcare: For one and all

  • How health tech can make Healthcare Cheaper
  • The intersection of data and healthcare- Bringing Doctors, patients, Pharmaceuticals on the same page
  • how cancer care is poised to change for the better forever

13:25-14:00 (Parallel session)

Start up Kick off

Closing Keynote: Technology (& Cloud) as a force to drive Innovation

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