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Building a New Digital Ecosystem
What will be the post-pandemic digital ecosystem?
How do we ensure that we’re creating an inclusive digital ecosystem?
The facets of digital in business with the latest thinking on innovation within digital.

Privacy of Data or Democratization of Data
Is the Right to Data a Human Right?
Human rights are a key component of our modern international order. Our personal data has never been more vulnerable. A discussion on whether the human rights regime needs to be updated to account for these changes and to better protect our digital and personal data.

STAGE 1: Deeptech: The Impact on Future

Artificial Intelligence I Machine Learning I Automation I Data

Keynote: The key tech trends for 2021 and beyond


AI, robotics and the future of design

The Future of AI assistants

Machine Learning: How AI systems will accomplish everyday tasks efficiently

  • AI & Automation: How different industries (Healthcare, Retail, Agriculture, Banking, Government ) are avoiding the pitfalls to ensure a successful AI-driven transformation.
  • How AI and new cloud technologies can reduce the chaos of collaboration and work management in order to build a thriving workforce.
  • How blockchain could transform a wide variety of industries.

STAGE 2: The Future of Society

Healthtech I Mobility I Logisitcs I Agritech I Cleantech
Keynote : Changing the way live and consume


  • Climate Change: The New Energy & Renewable Energy
  • What is Inside the Next generation of Urban Mobility
  • Agritech– Beyond Food to Health and speed

STAGE 3: The Future of FinTech

Payments I Trading I Lending I Banking I Insuretech
Keynote: Building a cashless society to democratize households of all income levels


  • The Democratization of Banking
  • Paytech: How Payment landscapes are changing
  • How Funding and Trading Platforms are looking to change
  • Alternative Credit: The way we seek credit has changed
  • How is insuretech disrupting the insurance industry?
  • Is India Ready for Crypto

STAGE 4: The Future of Work

SAAS I Digital Transformation I Cybersecurity I peopletech I
Keynote: Infusing tech into business


  • Supercharging Communication and Productivity
  • How will you be working in 2025?
  • How to actively align workforces and accelerate business performance with connected content.
  • How Cloud computing, big data , customer service ,sales & marketing and enterprise tech changing
  • Would 2021 truly set in the Hybrid Office? What have we learned about remote working? Will the hybrid model work in a SaaS culture?
  • HR Tech Is 9-5 culture finished forever? creation of a better working environment?

STAGE 5: The Future of Consumer tech

IOT I Ecommerce & D2C I Gaming I Customer Experience
Keynote: The Era of the Consumer :Key trends to look out for in the customer experience in 2021.


  • How gaming is defying audience convention and reshaping entertainment.
  • How should we be educating our Future Generations
  • How D2C will change FMCG and consumer Behaviour forever

STAGE 6: The Future of HealthTech

Keynote: What have we learned from the Pandemic? How to secure the health of India, and how technology will play an important role


  • How health tech can make Healthcare Cheaper
  • The intersection of data and healthcare- Bringing Doctors, patients, Pharmaceuticals on the same page
  • how cancer care is poised to change for the better forever
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