Angry Prash Musical Artist, Youtuber & Influencer

Angry Prash is one of India’s biggest animated YouTubers with 3.6M+ subscribers on the platform and 379M+ total views on his channel. Prash started out as a frustrated engineering student from Pune who eventually dropped out to pursue YouTube full-time. In time, he realized how huge and full of potential this industry was. Angry Prash’s identity has remained secret since the beginning of his era. This has been a great USP, as well as, a unique and gripping story that people hold on to.

Prash has created content beyond genres - comedy, roasts, sketches, awareness, motivation, music videos, parodies and very recently, he became India’s first animator to create a Vlog - all the way in Vietnam

Prash has an active presence across all major social media platforms including Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.

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