Nagma Mirajkar Influencer

Nagma Mirajkar has been ruling TikTok and Instagram for a long time. The key being unreal flexibility and unprecedented dedication

Nagma has tried, tested and bested every single genre out there in her career. Nagma has done multiple dance collaborations with celebrities like Tulsi Kumar, Aastha Gill and Akasa Singh.

She has broken conventions and records in dance and makeup.

Nagma has travelled half the world and created twice the possible content. Nagma recently visited Paris, Armenia, Dubai and Vietnam. Nagma doesn’t fail to exploit the most out of the places she visits. She has a huge and ever-expanding fan-base who eagerly wait and excitedly share each and every post from Nagma. She has a 90K+ strong family on YouTube, 1.8 Million followers on Instagram and over 11,7 Million followers on Tiktok, with 290 Million + likes, making her one of the most followed and liked TikTok creators across the world.

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