Arvind Pani

Arvind is the Co-Founder of Reverie Language Technologies. In early 2019 Jio acquired Reverie to help them fulfill their 3*3 mission to touch the lives of 500 million users. Entrepreneurship was Arvind’s childhood dream which he shared with his brother Vivek, and eventually both of them ended up as partners in crime at Reverie. A firm believer in entrepreneurship the hard way, Arvind chose one of the toughest problems plaguing the Indian internet, the problem of language discrimination. Arvind dreams of the day when Indian internet would be inclusive with equal opportunity for all Indians.

Reverie is Arvind’s second attempt at entrepreneurship, with the first one teaching him more about what not to do as an entrepreneur. Prior to his entrepreneurial ventures, Arvind worked with Intel for over 7 years before realizing he was a misfit in a corporate environment.

Outside of passion for Reverie, Arvind’s other passions are driving, playing piano and listening to analog music through Vinyl records.

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