Sudhanshu Mittal

Having spent 25+ years in technical roles in different companies like HCL, Agilent, Marvell, Freescale, Juniper among others, Sudhanshu has gained extensive experience in embedded domain in different verticals like networking, storage, printing and imaging, medical equipment, IoT, security etc. He also holds a patent in imaging area.

Sudhanshu completed his graduation in Electrical Engineering from IIT-BHU and is also a certified Intellectual Property Rights professional from Indian Law Institute.

As “Director – Industry 4.0” with NASSCOM Center of Excellence for IoT Sudhanshu has responsibilities for leading the Industry4.0, Automotive and Standard verticals for CoE-IoT. These include:

  • Setting up and driving the Industry 4.0 forum
  • Driving the Automotive and Connected Vehicle forum
  • Driving standard body participation from CoE-IoT for Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF) and Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)
  • Driving academic research engagement activities
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