In the start-up world there are less facts to begin with, more risks, even more unknowns, and that makes decision making a different ballgame interlinked with many judgements. Innovation is first about knowing, then doing and therefore the clarity of its Purpose makes it more meaningful and connected to its ultimate success.

The Innovation Summit will be driven by edge people who are outside of the core, thriving on energy from creativity, instability, disruption, change, and who share an idealistic outlook and purpose and who understand the new world of ‘pull’.

Plenary Session: How to Build a Company for Scale & Impact

Riding the Rollercoaster - Life & Work at Series A

The panel will discuss how companies marry innovation with growth. When acquiring customers, the constant pivot is what every day work day looks like. It is the time when the business plan of an enterprise really takes shape.

  • • Innovating with Right Intent: Creating an Innovative Product or Service to Suit New-age Needs
  • Making Companies Future Ready
  • How to Raise Money for New Industry

Keynote: Zero to One: How to Start Up & Build the Future

The keynote will dissect how passion can be translated into reality in business. It will give a glimpse into attributes needed to take your company from Zero to One and explain how raising investments is just one step in the long ladder to the top.

Keynote: Thriving Among Giants: How this Startup Grew to a $100 Million Business

The keynote will highlight how to build a company from ground-zero and how the founder’s focus needs to evolve in his/her company’s journey to $100 million.

Plenary Session: Building Leadership Through Workplace Innovation

A 5% increase in productivity can lead to 10X growth in turnover. How will this leadership at workplace innovation driven by people look like.

People, Platform, Practice & Profit

  • People: What it means to have an engaged workforce and the benefits this will bring to your business. We also look at how effective communication and development of staff can bring positive change.
  • Purpose: The culture you want your organisation to have and how your physical and virtual workspace can help.
  • Practice: Workplace practices you can adopt to help foster creativity, productivity and growth.
  • Profit: How to turn your business into a profit centre.

Plenary Session: Building a Business around a Community

The panel will discuss how companies need to establish their own community to really build a business. It will dissect what needs to change in the style quotient of leaders and employee behavior as well as the approach towards services and sale. It will debate what it takes to tap into a community.

Keynote: How to Turn Adversity into Opportunity

The keynote will explain how to identify when your business is going downhill and steps that business owners need to take at the right time to come out of adversity. It’ll reflect upon the enormous options that India now has to turnaround businesses. The talk will explain what founders need to learn for the long-term benefits of their ventures.

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