Raghav Belavadi, Founder & CEO, Hype

Raghav is a visionary leader who started this venture, which is India's First and the largest aggregator App for Luxury Mobility on Land, Air and Water.

As an entrepreneur he has an eye for detail and has a relentless drive to pursue the big picture. He is an experienced industry veteran, a graduate in Mechanical Engineering and is a serial entrepreneur from Switzerland. A Former global leader from Accenture, he brings over 18 years of experience in business innovation, customer experience and strategy.

As an exponent in the field of start-ups he has in-depth comprehension on seeding and mentoring start-ups. He brings out the best leadership abilities at all levels of hierarchies and develops ‘can do spirit’ in teams.

He has been instrumental in devising the fund strategy, identifying promising entrepreneurial teams with disruptive ideas and guiding these teams to unleash their potential for Hype. It is India’s #1 Luxury car rental company, presently operating in 7 different cities, with several partners and thousands of luxury cars in its fleet. It is the largest aggregator of Luxury cars at an affordable price, offering convenience, safety and elite experience to the customers, also the prime motto of the company. Raghav is an alumnus of The National Institute of Engineering (Engineering in Mechanical) and city Mysore. An avid outdoorsman, fitness freak, he loves soccer and prefers humour to dissipate the mundane pressures of life. In his free time he has taken the onus of volunteering for many organisations working in the space of rehabilitating unfortunate abandoned children.

He has an advanced communication skills certification from the University of Oxford and is well versed in Japanese, German and native Indian languages Kannada, Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil & Telugu.

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