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Entrepreneur Hyderabad is a two-day event packed with perspective building insight, training, coaching and mentoring for small businesses during their critical start-up years and getting ready to take up growth challenge.

  • 500+Business
  • 40+Business
  • 100+Delegates


  • 10:15 - 11:30 | Inaugural SessionThe Great Entrepreneurial Vision India 2020

  • The Ecosystem For Start-Up Entrepreneurship And Business Growth 2016- Driving Into The Future

    Inaugural Session
    10:15 am - 11:30 am

    Session Highlights

    • Start-up India, Stand-up India: Giving Wings to New Ideas
    • How fast can Start-ups grow? Transforming the speed and scale of entrepreneurship
    • Enterprise strategy & policy developments: Government's role in fostering entrepreneurship
    • Leadership in action: Building Businesses for growth and sustainability
    • Stepping into the Global Marketplace-Expanding your business & Open New Markets
    • Making India an easier place to do business: What changes will it take
    • Mega Trends that are disrupting existing Industries and creating new ones
    • Economic Growth and Closing the Skills Gap: A call of Government and Business
    • Opportunities in Government and Corporate Contracts
  • 11:30 - 12:30 | Session 1How To Launch Your Startup:

  • Opportunity Identification And Business Planning

    Session 1
    11:30 am - 12:30 pm

    Session Highlights

    • How to find your `entrepreneurial sweet spot`. Finding the best business idea for you.
    • Qualifying the idea: What risks should be considered when launching your startup?
    • Identifying High Growth & Habit Forming Products for Starting –up: Business Ideas to inspire the next generation
    • Business Planning Processes: Resource Assessment & Opportunity Evaluation
    • How scalable is it for you to launch new products or offering?
    • What is the best launch strategy for a startup?
  • 12:30 - 13:30 | Session 2Early Funding Business Landscape 2016- 17 - Raising Capital From Early Stage Investors

  • A Conversation With Investors And Entrepreneurs

    Session 2
    12:30 pm - 13:30 pm

    Session Highlights

    • How early funding investors screen & evaluate opportunities
    • Capitology : How to Capture the Attention of Investors, Customers and Users
    • Return on Connections: Topping your ability to Influence & The ability to reach more people
    • Apples or Oranges: Debt or Equity
    • Negotiating a term sheet /valuing and structuring deals
    • Franchise Funding: Funding of proven formats at Start up stage
    • Where are the Big Opportunities: The sectors that are right place to put your dollar
  • 14:30 - 15:30 | Session 3The Trends And Technologies That Will Impact On Business In 2016 - 2017

  • Session 3
    14:30 pm - 15:30 pm

    Session Highlights

    • Is your business future proof via technology
    • THE hard decision of adaptability to software
    • Why Modern SMEs are investing heavily in IT & ITES to compete in domestic markets.
    • How to choose the right technology for business growth?
    • The cloud and the internet of (really important) things
    • Franchise Store analysis on your mobile: Handling 100s of stores via technology support
  • 15:30 - 16:30 | Session 4The Retail Summit

  • New Relationship Between Consumers & Retail Brands

    Session 4
    15:30 pm - 16:30 pm

    Session Highlights

    • How, When, Where and Why is Consumer Buying Across the Country
    • How are New Age Retailers building successful and aspirational brands in their markets?
    • Winning Over the Store less Generation: How Ecommerce & Mobile Commerce will Influence and Drive Retail
    • The New Business Models in Retail as Brands go Omni channel
    • Brand partnerships: Which model are retailers using
    • Upcoming trends in fashion: Are consumers favoring subtlety over extraversion?
    • How will Retailers need to be consistently innovative in introducing breakthrough stores
  • 16:30 - 17:00 | Session 5The e-Commerce advantage for a Business:

  • Omni-channel & its emerging opportunity in retail.

    Session 5
    16:30 am - 17:00 pm

    Session Highlights

    • How & Why to take your Business Online
    • How do you Build a multichannel set-up as Pure Play Retailer and Dealers/Distributor
    • Launch your own online direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales channel or be at the market place
    • Diverse India: Translation & website musts for business success
    • Key Learning’s from a select band of Indian Ecommerce companies who successfully “Went Viral”
    • Exploring the future of e-tail online and mobile – the next five years 
  • 10:30 - 11:30 | Session 1What’s Cooking In Food Business

  • Session 1
    10:30 am - 11:30 pm

    Session Highlights

    • Food business brands to watch out for 2015- 2016
    • The science of investing and the art of managing international food brands in India
    • Strategies to maximizing revenue & profitability for restaurant franchisees
    • Sweet dishes: Side Dishes: Small Bites, Big Flavors, The small format Profitable business!!
  • 11:30 - 12:30 | Session 2The Rising Tide Of Edupreneurs Changing The Future Of Education Business

  • Session 2
    11:30 am - 12:30 pm

    Session Highlights

    • K-12 Education Investment: Big Investment – Big Returns
    • Why are women entrepreneurs most suitable business candidates for Early Learning
    • A Busi0ness case for Digitization: Leveraging New and Old Technologies into for Today’s Education Business Models
    • Skill Development &Vocational education: Taping the new opportunities & delivering scalable models
  • 12:30 - 13:30 | Session 3From Start-Up To Scale-Up:

  • How To Think Big, Aim High To Grow Your Business

    Session 3
    12:30 pm - 13:30 pm

    Session Highlights

    • Super Growth: What drives the modern-day entrepreneur?
    • Building a winning team: How do you design an optimal working environment?
    • Putting a Rocket Up It: what it takes to double your business in 12 months
    • What can VC’s done for your Business &How are the demands and expectations of founders changing?
  • 14:30 - 15:30 | Session 4Venturing Into Healthcare, Beauty & Wellness

  • Session 4
    14:30 pm - 15:30 pm

    Session Highlights

    • The Uber for Health: The arrival of on-demand healthcare.
    • What are the latest trends and what’s coming next for fitness + wellness
    • How are consumers making more informed lifestyle decisions then before
    • Too much information: Does the range of Beauty & wellness Business concepts (Products/services) empower or imperil the consumer?
    • To what degree will the rise of tech change the traditional Business models
    • Integrated approach to Beauty + Wellness: What's hot, what can be adapted
    • Will Wellness become a part of primary healthcare?
  • 15:30 - 16:00 | Session 5Legal & Compliance Landscape For Start-Ups

  • Session 5
    15:30 pm - 16:00 pm

    Session Highlights

    • Do I form a Private limited, LLP, Partnership?
    • Understanding legal and regulatory framework governing your business.
    • Key takeaways of the Startup action plan released by PM
    • Critical legal aspects of contracts, founders’ agreement and fund raising.
  • 16:00 - 16:30 | Session 6Keynote On Driving Profitability In Early Stage Ventures

  • Lean Business Models & Capital Management

Our Speakers

  • Mr. Suresh Chitturi
    Managing Director, Srinivasa Hatcheries Ltd.
  • Ms. Anu Acharya
  • Mr. Naunihal Singh, CEO, Strands Salons

  • Mr. Ananth Rao Chairman, Focus Ventures

  • Mr. Pradeep Mittal Chairman, Goose Technologies Pvt Ltd

  • Mr. Griffith David Managing Director, Habanero Foods International

  • Mr. G Sampath Kumar General Manager, SIDBI, Hyderabad

  • Ms. Rekha Lahoti Chairperson, FICCI - FLO Hyderabad Chapter

  • Mr. Ravindra Modi Managing Director, Hyderabad Food Products Pvt. Ltd.

  • Mr. Srinivas Kollipara Founder & COO, T-Hub Foundation

  • Mr. Rahul Garg Founder & CEO, Moglix

  • Mr. Siddharth Shanker Head, Uber Central

  • Mr. Kiran Gali Founder & CEO, NumberMall

  • Mr. Safir Adeni MD, Ineda Venture Group

  • Mr. S K Rathor Founder & MD, SANFORT Group of Schools

  • Mr. Sudhanshu Tripathi Lead of Corporate Strategy, Cyient

  • Mr. Suresh Challa President, TiE Hyderabad & Director, SSPDL Ltd.

  • Ms. Preeti Kwatra Director, Petals PreSchools Club

  • Ms. Rachna Agarwal Educationist & Centre Head, T.I.M.E. Kids.

  • Ms. Rashida Adenwala Co-Founder & Partner, R&A Associates

  • Mr. Avinash Bharwani Vice President, Jetking Infotrain Limited

  • Mr. Nischal Narayanam Managing Director, Nischals Smart Learning Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Mr. Puneet Kapoor Director,

  • Mr. Charan Reddy Director, KRD Exports Pvt Ltd. (Roman Island)

  • Mr. Ambarish Gupta CEO & Founder, Knowlarity Communications

  • Mr. Dharamveer Chouhan CEO & Co-founder, Zo Rooms

  • Mr. Sandeep Penumatsa Co-Founder, Hello Curry

  • Mr. Murali Bukkapatnam Managing Director & CEO, Domestic Workforce Service Pvt. Ltd.

  • Dr. Vijay Pratap Kushvaha MD & CEO, Ayurvita Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

  • Mr. Sulakshan Kumar Co-Founder & CEO, MySmartPrice

  • Mr. Ashish Kaushik Co founder,

  • Mr. G. Raghu Babu Founder Partner, R&A Associates

  • Mr. Sateesh Andra, Managing Director, Endiya Partners

  • Mr. Mohammed Abubakr Founder & CEO, BookMEDS

  • Dr. Vijayalakshmi Goodapati Founder, Mirrors Spa & Salon

  • Ms. Arshiya Afsar Co-Founder and Executive Director, Iris Educare Ltd.

  • Ms. Upasana Kameneni Managing Director, Apollo Life & Wellness

  • Mr. Chaitanya Kumar Chairman & Managing Director, The Chocolate Room

  • Mr. Varun Mohandru Founder, Santwissen Technology


  • How to recognize a business opportunity or identify a feasible business idea.
  • Creative techniques to extend expand and further a business idea.
  • How to create an actionable business plan.
  • Key skill sets for early-stage entrepreneurship.
  • How to structure terms and conditions between entrepreneurs and external investors.
  • Basic working models for customer, market and competitor analysis.
  • How to establish formats of decision-making, execution and action oriented management with process that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Recruitment, team building and management processes suitable for new ventures.
  • What it takes to have a successful "brand" and how to create and grow your "brand" for potential opportunities.
  • Scaling up possibilities in start-up companies.
  • Developing your business talents, capabilities, leadership, and skills as a business owner.
  • Rub shoulders with industry leaders, VCs and entrepreneurs
  • Discover the business-critical innovations that are shaping and scaling startups.


If you are a "pro-action" entrepreneur and aspire to transform your small business into a big league player, you cannot Miss # Entrepreneur 2016
  • Prospective, emerging and existing businesses
  • Enterprises looking at funding
  • Businesses looking at JVs, alliances and tie-ups
  • Enterprise Professionals
  • Business Consultants and Analysts
  • Product led enterprises
  • Service Led enterprises
  • Chain store operators
  • policy makers and Business Associations
  • Real estate business owners
  • Retail and B-Schools students


After delivering 6 successful editions, The Pitch Room is back with its 7th edition with an aim to simplify business funding and investing needs. More than 150 businesses have participated in this action-packed business event.

How will you benefit
  • Angel funding and venture capital for your business
  • Opportunity to present to investors at the event
  • Radically increase your chances of receiving funding
  • Comprehensive and elegant online pitch deck
  • Assessment Report on investment worthiness of your venture
  • Shortlisted ventures get feedback in one-on-one session
  • Networking opportunity with India's top investors
  • Post event support in connecting with mentors, investors
  • An ALL ACCESS PASS to Entrepreneur Hyderabd 2016 conference

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