Anirudh Kheny Partner, 1Q1 | Kitchen & Bar

A Masters in Electronics by qualification, but a passionate culinary sophisticate, Anirudh Kheny has breached many a gastronomic frontier in his quest for perfection. Widely travelled, Anirudh is constantly on the quest for unique cooking styles, flavours and ingredients. This journey has led to him being one of the proud partners of 1Q1 Kitchen & Bar, a plush, Asian fine dine restaurant and bar, which, in addition to traditional Asian fare, has an extensive offering of one of his discoveries – Nikkei cuisine, which is a distinctive blend of Japanese and Peruvian cooking.

Realising that a lot of people travel nowadays, he strives to ensure authenticity and quality in every dish that he recreates. He is also an avid mixologist and is constantly on the lookout for different ingredients and infusions, experimenting with them to create exceptional cocktails that really stand out in a crowded menu.

He is passionate about the finer things in life and has an enviable collection of single malts. His travels constantly add unique single malts from different regions to this growing collection.

1Q1 Kitchen & Bar, is his first hospitality venture, and he aims to make every venture reflect the same sophistication, and finesse. Inspired by the art deco architecture of the iconic Express Building, in which it is located, 1Q1 Kitchen & Bar has been rated one amongst the Best New Restaurants in the Country by GQ India and by LBB, in their bucket list as one of the restaurants you must try before 2018 ends.

Before embarking on his journey into the hospitality industry, Anirudh was with Management Consulting and Strategy practice of KPMG for almost 6 years. He is also an avid sports enthusiast and is passionate about golf and equestrian sports.