Rupesh Jain Founder and CEO-Candere

Rupesh Jain is the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of, an online diamond jewellery store that offers a seamless and unique shopping experience. As the CEO, Rupesh is responsible for envisioning, structuring, planning, and monitoring and management of all the operations, including the manufacturing process and product designing. Additionally, he is tasked with the entire technology stack for Candere’s e-commerce portal. This involves overseeing marketing automation, building a strong sourcing network, vendor management, and customer relationship management.

A University of Mumbai alumnus, Rupesh pursued his B.E. in Information Technology and was an active academic and co-curricular student throughout.He began his professional career by working as a senior software engineerat L&T Infotech in 2007 for three years, post which he was appointed as the Company President at Ornet Technology. A proactive, enthusiastic, and multifaceted professionalthrough and through, Rupesh has had a rich entrepreneurial experience in the past as well. He established ExamsBuddy, an online education start-up in 2011, while also serving as the MD at Rupesh Jewelers simultaneously with élan. His distinguishable past experiences indicate his proficiency both in the e-commerce space as well asin business development and management.

In order to cater to the digital-savvy metropolitan audience’s growing preference for fine jewellery, Rupesh founded Candere in 2013 to make diamond more accessible and affordable. Owing to his passion for personal development, supplemented by his previous experience as the MD of Rupesh Jewelers, he is equipped with an in-depth knowledge about the jewellery manufacturing process. This, coupled with his entrepreneurial mindset and strategy planning, has effectively led to him optimizing the cost for manufacturing which has resulted in a direct increase of the margins.Moreover, he has been proactivelyworking towards marketing automation, launching unique online advertising campaigns, and creating latest trends in designing products.

Rupesh has always been fascinated with integrating retail jewellery with technology,which in addition to his technical know-how has led to Candere being a huge success, and emerging as one of the leaders in the segment. With Candere, he aspires to break the myth that jewellery is meant only for the rich. Moreover, hehas been extensively working towards solving the challenges of creating a strong user interface and customization. To this end, he has successfully integrated modern technological tools into Candere’s operations togive its customers a seamless and convenient online shopping experience. Through such passionate and extensive efforts, Rupesh aims to makeCandere the go-to online brand for all fine jewellery needs.

Through his career as an entrepreneur, Rupesh has placed a great deal of importance on being a hands-on, exemplary leader. Moreover, with a dynamic and zealous personality, he has quite deservingly earned a lot of appreciation from both his employees as well as his clients. When not managing his entrepreneurial operations, Rupesh likes to occasionally indulge in stimulating activities like swimming, cricket, and football.