Dhaniyal Mohammed Shahid Owner, Eatinng

The multifaceted Dhaniyal Mohammed Shahid is a serial entrepreneur, a successful businessman, an educationist, and a cultural advocate. Shahid’s global career has spanned diverse verticals ranging from construction, education, manufacturing, information technology, shipping and trading.

As an ardent traveller who admires various cultures, He attributes his motto of ‘excellence in each thought and every action’ being shaped by his extensive journeys across the globe. In fact, it is these very journeys that have also helped him build a powerful business network across continents. A network that respects him for his leadership calibre amply demonstrated by the 5 companies he currently heads across India, Malaysia and United Kingdom.

Among his peers, Shahid is seen as a culturally refined, tech-savvy and an ethical business professional. His infectious dynamism, people skills and grass root level management has inspired his companies to deliver results beyond expectations. His execution plans, innovative strategies and professionalism in complex projects have not only earned him accolades amongst industry captains but also the admiration of his competitors.

His enthusiasm and passion is reflected in his every business endeavour. His versatile management skills, resource utilization and keen business acumen have placed each one of his project on a pathway of explosive growth and spectacular success.

An abridged ventures profile would begin with HiNext Business Solutions - multi-locational IT product development firm, Hyva IT Solutions – an IT & ITES firm, Stone Park - Granite Export Firm, Brainy Stars Chain of Montessori Schools and BS International School.

Dhaniyal Mohammed Shahid is a believer in the adage ‘In every crisis is an opportunity’ a belief that has seen him turnaround companies in a record time and towards high profitability. Besides the business world, he wishes to leave an indelible mark on the world by setting examples in humanitarian ventures.

In that, he is strongly associated with multiple charitable endeavours and not for profit activities, evidenced in his pro-bono positions on the board of numerous developments and youth-focused community organizations. His vision is to be an Indian conglomerate with global presence that will reflect perfection in every pursuit.