Suresh RangarajanFounder and CEO – Colive

Suresh Rangarajan K is the Founder and CEO of Colive, a technology-driven platform for shared living spaces. A passionate entrepreneur with a cross-domain experience of more than two decades, Suresh has served at the highest level inprestigious organisations and founded some extremely successful companies. At Colive, he manages the entire operations function of the company with a steady focus on its growth targets.

A Chartered Accountant by profession, Suresh is also an alumnus of Yale School of Management. He began his career in 1994 at Citigroup, where he spent a decade as the Vice President of product development. He was also part of the product and risk management team responsible for managing new businesses and launches across the Middle East and Central Europe. One of the early adopters in the budding Internet-based servicesmarket, he became a part of the founding team of, a joint venture by the Citigroup and The Times Group. Under his enterprising leadership,, a product of Times of Money, went on to become the world’s number one online money transfer portal and one of the most successful internet businesses in India.

After launching an online money transfer product and developing an idea for a digital wallet that was way ahead of its time, Suresh’s entrepreneurial drive led him to venture forth into new segments. He then founded an innovative real estate enterprise called Artha, where he was responsible for path-breaking ideas such asthe EmprasaStartup City and Knowledge Park in Bangalore. Through his unique leadership, he steered the Artha Group to massive growth, establishing it as one of the leading real estate firms in South India.

As the MD and CEO at Artha Group, Suresh gained valuable experience in the real estate industry, where he identifieda massive untapped potential in the retail market. Combining his diverse experience gained from sectors such as banking, internet, and real estate, Suresh founded Colive, a technology-driven company focusedon solving the housing challenges faced by millennials, while offering a new asset class of buy-to-let properties for investors. This generation invests in creating experiences than creating assets.

Understanding the dynamically changing market demand and expectations from living spaces of the millennial generation, Colive envisions providing stylish, smart homes equipped with modern security features while remaining affordable. Co-living concept is gaining popularity among people as it allows them to have a personal space while having shared access to amenities and common spaces- like kitchen, laundry, cinema room and lounge. It brings together like-minded people in a community style living which is all-inclusive in nature.At present, Suresh envisions Coliveas one of the largestbranded servicedhome company globally, and aims to lead the company in its efforts to reach and manage 1 lakh homes.

Suresh was conferred the prestigious Udyog Rattan Award for his innovative strategies and success in incubating new-age businesses. In 2014, he received the ‘Trend Setter in Real Estate’ award by WCRC and Ernst & Young. While he believes work to be his sole passion, Suresh takes a keen interest in the 3Cs of cinema, cricket, and curry. He also enjoys researching emerging technology trends and evolving product ideas and triesto implement them into his businesses His wife, SundariRangarajan is a Chartered Accountant and is the co-founder of Colive, where she plays a significant role as Director – Management Assurance.