Jonscott Turco

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Jonscott Turco

CEO, &

Meet Jonscott, a seasoned change-maker with over 20 years of experience leading global businesses and organizations. With an innovative and hands-on “human+technology” approach, Jonscott empowers clients to anticipate and adapt to marketplace disruptions with confidence and agility. As a trusted business advisor, leadership & behavioral change agent, and courageous problem solver, Jonscott diagnoses and repairs organizational inefficiencies and cultural problems while implementing intuitive strategies to accelerate progress and eliminate dysfunction. He has served in high-level capacities as a senior-level strategic management consultant, director, founder, and C-Suite executive for innovative and global companies, accumulating an exceptional understanding of the technical, behavioral, and cultural impacts that make or break leaders and organizations. As a pioneer in international consulting, Jonscott founded and led multiple management consulting and advisory initiatives across more than 50 countries & 6 continents. He specializes in inclusive and diverse strategies, leveraging cuttingedge technologies, innovative leadership behavioral dynamics, and cultural alignment for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and companies of all sizes. His work enables leaders and organizations to leverage emerging and cutting-edge Web3.0, AI, and blockchain technologies, improved communications, agility, trust, and cross-cultural collaboration for transformational successes. Jonscott holds an undergraduate degree in International Business and Marketing and a Master’s degree in Psychology, both from Manhattan College in New York City. He has been serving as an undergraduate and graduate school adjunct Professor for more than 20 years, instructing students on subjects including International Business Management, Consumer Psychology, and Organizational Leadership. In his personal time, Jonscott is a passionate traveler and enjoys experiencing the world firsthand. He is also a lifelong soccer player/coach, a Shinto Go Ju 2nd degree black belt (Nidan), and has competed in numerous martial arts competitions and endurance races, including the NYC Marathon and 140.6 mile (226 km) Ironman Triathlon.



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