Puja Srivastava

Co-Founder, Spocto


Puja Srivastava

Co-Founder, Spocto

Puja holds a Masters degree in Science from Endicott University, Boston and she strongly believes in creating solutions to problems. For her, technology is a means and not the end. Puja has over 20+ years of experience in the technology segment and has honed her skills to listen to the problem, articulate it into technology actionables and thereby implement a scalable solution.

Puja’s journey in the technology industry began from creating systems to support over USD 2 Billion Annual Procurements, to M&A processes to setting up processes for educators of the first 100% Apple school in the country. She then founded Spocto, along with her Husband, Sumeet Srivastava and created an empowered and driven team to solve a problem that no one had solved till date, which was the collection of recoveries in India.

As a Co-Founder and CTO of the company Spocto, her responsibility areas are to create an Innovation Lead Organization. Spocto creates technology of the future and is investing in various cutting edge areas such as serverless computing, financial behavioral analytics, Machine Learning and AI.

Puja personally believes that science without religion is lame, and religion without science is blind. She has a great interest in reading and finding inferences between the hindu scriptures and the laws of science. Apart from that, the remaining time she spends doing her bit with the NGO’s. There are several service projects that Puja is involved with. Puja with her daughter are actively involved in helping a local transgender community through an Initiative called Equali-T. Puja and her family also support the homeless near her area. They have adopted a few families and support them in their education, provide water and sanitation, clothes and food. Besides that, she also actively supports many weavers and spreads awareness about their art and talent.

As a proud citizen of India, Puja’s personal mission is to embark on the journey of creating world class technology solutions from India, that caters to the entire world.

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