Rohit Paranjpe

Co-Founder and CEO, SugarBox Networks


Rohit Paranjpe

Co-Founder and CEO, SugarBox Networks

Innovation has always ruled Rohit’s world. He started his first venture, Mobie, an in-travel infotainment network that catered to over 2.5 million commuters per year. This fuelled his desire to bring about a change in the way Indians consume content, and that led to him launching Your Movies, one of the first OTT services in India to have a retail distribution platform for content in the post-DVD era. This still left Rohit with a question – how does one take the internet to the masses? A lot of brainstorming later, in 2016, Rohit co-founded SugarBox, which is the world’s first hyperlocal Content Delivery Network (CDN) that enables an ecosystem to deliver high-speed content anywhere.

Rohit is focused on disrupting the internet services space, making it available, affordable, reliable, and convenient for everyone. Having spent a decade across different aspects of the digital content and media ecosystem in India (in-travel, in-store, licensing and OTT), now he’s on to disrupting the foundation on which the digital economy is built on - re-imagining the way the internet works! Rohit believes in transforming the digital ecosystem and is passionate about digital empowerment.

A true Mumbaikar, Rohit lives and works in the Maximum City. He holds a post-graduate degree in Business Administration from the prestigious SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. He has been awarded and featured in various platforms like 35 under 35 Entrepreneur 2020 by Entrepreneur India, Economic Times Most Promising Business Leaders of Asia 2020, Innovative Zone Magazine 20 Emerging Startups to Watch 2021, Top 50 Tech Innovators by Intercon Dubai and TechTors to watch out for in 2020 by BW Disrupt.

In addition to being an avid reader, Rohit particularly enjoys listening to live music, playing football and table tennis. Being an enthusiastic footballer, Rohit takes time out to practice his game with dedication, on a regular basis and forces others from office to play twice a week. He is a wine aficionado, enjoys travelling and is a dog parent.


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