Sumedh Chaphekar

Founder and CEO, NOFILTR Social


Sumedh Chaphekar

Founder and CEO, NOFILTR Social

With pragmatic view and goals to transform the influencer marketing ecosystem in India, Sumedh Chaphekar established NoFiltrSocial. Sumedh’sunconventional thoughts, perseverance and unprecedented talent led him to establish two thriving organizations - NoFiltr and White Shadows Productions.

Sumedh’s vision is to develop and diversify the untapped ‘Influencer marketing’ space in India. He believes that - The advanced functionality and integration of social media with e-commerce, and marketing in India has unlocked business models that are yet to be explored and adopted in the country, widely. To fillip the enormous segment of Influencer marketing, Sumedh established NoFiltr primarily to nurture new influencers or key opinion leaders (KOLs) and develop an army of professional players that will propel the segment. Not only does he have the knack of recognizing talent, but also has a clear vision of how they can be important opinion leaders in their own space. By honing people and personalities, he has remarkably mastered the art of exploring the unexplored. Possessing prodigious amounts of talent and superlative foresight, Sumedh is a creator in its truest sense.

For Sumedh, his work takes precedence, and his diligence has helped him create a network of like-minded individuals who aim at reforming and revolutionizing the art of digital content creation today. He understands how Influencer marketing is changing and how this shift needs to evolve further to match up to the forthcoming demands and technological advancements in the sector. Sumedh has an unreserved vision and has futuristic vision which is unmatched and gives him an additional edge when it comes to visualizing future trends and business perspectives.

Sumedh’s revolutionary ideology has innovative methods, ideas and vision defines how the influencer marketing ecosystem is today and what’s likely to come next.

A graduate from New York Film Academy (NYFA), Sumedh is pursuing his passion of film making and production by enthusiastically tapping into every venture that has enabled him to innovate and create content that resonates with his vision.


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