Vinay Nathan

Aditya Sanghi

Founder and CTO, Punchh

Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, Punchh is a cloud-based technology platform combining AI and ML technologies to offer innovative digital marketing products for restaurant & retail chains and revolutionize customer acquisition and dramatically increase customer lifetime value. Punchh uses AI to help brands with customer sentiment analysis, churn prediction, personalized targeting, and sales prediction. Punchh also offers AI powered Chatbot that allows consumers to earn and redeem points with loyalty programs, simply by using messaging apps. Aditya co-founded Punchh along with Shyam Rao, Sastry Penumarthy and Jitendra Gupta with a vision to make it the next generation mobile CRM platform. Prior to starting Punchh, he was the founder of Rising Sun Technologies, a Web Application Development firm based in Jaipur. Under his supervision, the company emerged as one of the leaders in the country for RubyOnRails-based Web Applications. A Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane (Australia), Aditya has lived and worked in several countries including Australia, Germany, India, and Sweden. The experience has given him a broad exposure on the workings of technological aspects in IT & Telecommunications industry across different countries. Aditya is familiar with German and Thai languages besides being fluent in primary languages English and Hindi.