Exhibition Overview

It's a great time to showcase your products/services to the world of entrepreneurs and get increased exposure for your business. Besides running the two-day entrepreneur excellence conference, Entrepreneur 2018 gives you a chance to partner this growth story. We invite you to unveil your products to the world of entrepreneurs and business leaders.

  • Banks and financial bodies
  • Suppliers- Furniture, Telecom companies, App companies, Office Solution providers
  • Payment gateways, Credit card companies
  • Law, accounting, audit and tax firms
  • HR Solution providers
  • Marketing and social media agencies
  • Automobile companies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Architects, Real Estate Developers, Office Solution providers
  • Technology solutions providers
  • Supply chain / Logistics firms
  • Angels, VC, PE firms
  • Startups & Product companies
  • Generate new leads, research new trends, launch new products, position your business profile and build brand equity across industries
  • Expose your business concepts and services to new markets, business buyers, partners, distribution channels, and key decision makers.
  • Furnish coaching, training and mentoring start-up entrepreneurs, during their start-up stage to further professional development and to promote best business practices for tomorrow's celebrated entrepreneurs.