Ankit Ratan

Anil Dukkipatty

CTO & Co-founder, Elemential Labs

Anil has been a tech entrepreneur since he was 18. He has expertise in distributed cloud computing and has helped scale web products that serve over a million users.

After having attended a lecture about blockchain and peer to peer architectures conducted by blockchain university, he participated and won HackCoin, India's first bitcoin and blockchain hackathon. Has been working with DLT (decentralized ledger technology) ever since.

He has expertise in working with DLT systems. He is an active contributor to the bitcoinjs and other open source projects. He architected the platform on top of which National stock exchange's Blockchain was built. He was responsible for designing all the layers of the blockchain (the smart contracts execution environment, the chain data- store, the notification engine).

He was also responsible for building the federated network protocol (FNP) used to manage a chain network. He brings expertise in software architecture and solutioning in the financial domain. He uses these skills in Building highly scalable blockchain systems.