Money Summit

What's inside the Money Summit for you

Money Summit will connect the human and financial capital worlds and explore infinite possibilities.

From valuations of Tech unicorns to PE's taking control understanding what are the opportunities for those investing in the 'silver economy'? In addition, you will find deal terms getting dearer to the founder and exits becoming more ethical.

The Growth Premium

An Investor's Perspective on managing the disruptor at the intersection of commerce and creativity.

The Age of Lifestyle Innovation

  • Unlikely Innovators with big impact
  • Breaking the Norms: changing traditional relationships between consumers and brands
  • Striking a balance between personalization and mass targeting
  • DNA of a consumer company

Building Scale-up Ecosystems

  • Diversity & Inclusion in Venture Capital
  • The Quest for Sustained Innovation
  • Are ICOs the future of funding?
  • Where limited partners are putting money

What's driving Mergers, Acquisitions & Exits

  • Top Takeover Targets for 2018
  • The Aftermath of Acquisitions
  • What the acquisition process reveal about the company culture
  • PE Perspective – Adding Value or Diluting it

Plenary Session: A View from the Top:

Banking on women empowerment, green jobs, and opportunity for entrepreneurs