Next Gen Summit

What's inside the Generation Next Summit for you

We are now in a time when baby boomers, Gen X, Gen Y or millennial and Gen Z are all working in offices closely with each other. It is increasing becoming crucial for companies to comprehend how to treat each generation to fuel their needs and what to expect from each of these generations. How to make space for you in a diverse company set up is the challenge that demands address.

  • Corporate Culture: How to Ensure Your Voice is Heard
  • Strategic Alignment: Connecting Your Innovation Program to Company Goals
  • How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge
  • Ways to Motivate Yourself in a Dynamic Environment
  • What to Expect When Solving a Problem

The Power of Influence

The most powerful tool for your company to succeed is the power of influence. In the current times of digital media, this influence can be created by techniques that are sure to give returns. The trick is in curating a balance between what's less and what's too much.

  • Creating & Sustaining Engagement
  • Marketing: Virality is not everything; someone needs to pay
  • Using the influence for the right growth
  • Tactfully handle crises with empathy for future returns

How to be a great CEO and Lead the Organization to success

Spearheading a company is no child’s play. From the office electricity bills to the company’s latest one-time cost, the role of a CEO is pure management. How can this management be done in an efficient, empathetic and sustainable manner is the secret recipe that drives organisations to great success. Companies don’t become giants overnight; continued effort to bear long-term fruits is required from the leader. In this keynote, we’ll hear how a great CEO is born, one who takes hoists the company’s flag high.

Corporate Connect: Entrepreneurship Match

In order to win the entrepreneurial match, Indian corporates need to up their ante and indulge with budding entrepreneurship to co-create and co-exist.

  • People, Capital, & Technology: How corporates scale innovations, expand markets, and lend their organizational and management expertise to the leaders of new ventures.
  • Win-Win: For corporates, startups represent fast-paced R&D, access to talent, investment opportunities and a way of getting ahead of any potential disruptions to their often-aging business models.
  • Why Indian corporates need to see the opportunity and either invest in emerging technology companies or create their own

Plenary Session: Marketing & Advertising Re-imagined

The world of paid media (AdTech) and the world of marketing technology (MarTech) has totally changed the dynamics of Media. This session will steer the shift in an emerging marketing mindset shift that seems to set scale-ups apart.