Abhishek Bansal CEO, Shadowfax

Abhishek Bansal is the Co-Founder of Shadowfax, India’s largest crowdsourced logistics platform. This alumnus of IIT Delhi, who recently celebrated his 30th birthday has already achieved what many others struggle to achieve in their lifetime, yet this is just the beginning for him.

He is a result-driven and innovative leader focused on achieving exceptional results in a highly competitive environment. With his relentless passion, unimpeachable integrity, empathy and courage, Abhishek has built and led Shadowfax to a position of strength in the logistics industry. The deeplyingrained morals and processes of a big organizationstogether with the essence of a startup is the uniqueness which makes Shadowfaxa well-recognized name in the industry.

The making of an entrepreneur

Abhishek,hailing from Meerut, is the first in his family to graduate from an IIT. After completing his graduation,he went through the usual drill of corporate jobs young engineers go through till the restless innovator in him branched out to become an inventive entrepreneur.

A stint in the retail sector in India and later in China helped Abhishek developa deep insight into the sector and the last mile logistics issues. In March 2015, along with his friend Vaibhav, he cofoundedShadowfax.

Contribution to society from Day 1

Abhishek believes in contribution to society along with economic growth. His maiden venture is so designed that he is has already giving back to the society by generating self-driven employment for thousands of freelance partners working withthe Shadowfaxplatform. He aims to create, through his venture, a million micro-entrepreneurs in India who are able to make a comfortable living by partnering with Shadowfax. This tech innovationcreates self-employment, leading to economic upliftment and nurturing micro-entrepreneurship as well.

Awards & Recognitions

Owing to the inherent social values embedded in Abhishek’s unique logistics model, in September 2017, Shadowfax was recognized and included in the 100 upcoming companies by NitiAyog’s Champions of Change Initiative. This was an effort by the Central Government to bring together diverse strengths for the benefit of the nation and society.

In September 2018, Abhishek won the40 under 40 Award by BW Businessworldand in February 2019, Abhishek along with VaibhavKhadelwal won the prestigious title of Forbes 30 under 30for exceptional contribution in their field of work and personal growth.AbhishekBansal and VaibhavKhandelwalare the youngest founding members for an enterprise in logistics sector. These recognitions are a testimony to their business acumen, innovative spirit, deep understanding of logistics, and sharp intelligence to steer ahead in a highly dynamic space.


In between running a successful business and ironing out glitches in logistics industry, Abhishek loves to travel and explore new places.And he reads a lot. A huge LOTR fan, he also likes reading about well-known business and social practices throughout the world, interesting organizations and how they evolve. He is an avid footballer and encourages fitness among the employees.

Mantra in Life

Abhishek’s Mantra in life is to solveany problems from its roots, after finding its cause. And every problem he solves has to have a near-perfect solution. So, he tries to innovate and achieve perfection in areas where nobody else has. Thoughts of innovation and problem solving continually keep alive the aspirations in him.