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Chhavi Mittal was born and brought up in Delhi. She grew up in a completely musical environment, and became a performing singer since the age of 7. Having come to Mumbai with absolutely no ties to anybody in the industry, and having no acting background, it was but a miracle for her to get a break almost instantly. Having been a model and a professional TV anchor gave her a lot of camera confidence. Chhavi is now happily married to a well known Film & Television director, Mohit Hussein. She is also mother to a beautiful little girl.

Chhavi excels in all her roles. As an actor, Singer, Model, Wife, Mother, Home-maker, Writer, Producer, blogger & YouTuber. Passionate about everything she does, Chhavi is famous for giving her 200% to each & every project she undertakes. She's a believer in the motto "One Life", and lives by it every day.

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