Saluting the Women Holding the sceptre of leadership

Shoutout to the Leaders of Tomorrow,
The Women Who Dared to Dream

Entrepreneur Magazine - America's voice for entrepreneurship – is back with the 6th edition of Shepreneurs, celebrating women leaders in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur India’s Shepreneurs Women To Watch recognizes the businesswomen who are building for the future, the unstoppable fierce women who have made a name for themselves in India and the world.

We have set out to find these leaders who are making an impact in the lives around them. The chosen ones will not only be featured in the March issue of Entrepreneur India but also join the elite list of women who have given us the chance to honour them. Nominations are now open.

Aakanksha Bhargava
Aditi Chaurasia
Ajaita Shah
Alisha Malik
Ambika Gupta
Anjali Bansal
Ariba Khan
Dr.Ezhil Subbian
Karishma Mehta
Priyanka Kanwar
Rachna Ranade
Ravina Jain
Ruchi Deepak
Sakshi Vij
Saumya Singh Rathore
Savita Punia
Sharmin Ali
Shikha Mittal
Simmi Dhamija
Sushma Boppana
Taran Mehndi
Ekta Kapoor
Neelam Chhiber
Devita Saraf
Ghazal Alagh
Bilkis Daadi
Hardika Shah
Archana Vohra
Kanika Tekriwal
Rajni Bector
Mouma Das
Akansha Chaturvedi
Shanti Mohan
Meghna Agarwal
Vineeta Singh
Meena Ganesh
Divya Gokulnath
Aashka Goradia Gobl
Avani Singh
Architect Surbhi Jindal
Richa Singh
Ankita Sheth
Pari Choudhary
Deepsikha Kumar
P. V. Sindhu
Perizaad Zorabian
Divya Khosla Kumar
Naiyya Saggi
Jesintha Louis
Anisha Singh
Chhavi Mittal
Devita Saraf
Yasmin Karachiwala
Muskan Sethi
Sejal Kumar
Priyanka Gandhi Vadra
Chiki Sarkar
Aditi Avasthi
Kainaz Messman
Avani Chaturvedi
Saina Nehwal
Kshama Fernandes
Dr Sushmita Mohanty
Shaheen Mistri
Anam Mirza
Mira Kulkarni
Barkha Sharma
Rashmi Daga
Whitney Wolfe Herd
Dr Sunita Maheshwari
Pernia Qureshi
Sangita Reddy
Bala Deshpande
Meena Ganesh
Prernaa Arora
Harshbeena Zaveri
Masaba Gupta
Divya Modi
Neerja Birla
Neeti Mohan
Falguni Nayar
Sulajja Firodia Motwani
Upasana Makati
Mary Kom
Mithali Dorai Raj
Nirupa Shankar
Roshni Sanah Jaiswal
Swapna Dutt
Alankrita Shrivastava
Deepanjali Dalmia
Anushka Sharma
Manjula Pooja Shroff
Mira Gulati
Payal Jain
Rema Subramanian and Ritu Verma
Anjana Reddy
Gayathri Vasudevan
Jwala Gutta
Richa Kar
Bharti Jacob
Hemalatha Annamalai
Ritika Bindal
Sahiba Singh
Sheela Kochouseph
Shipra Khanna
Shruti Shibulal
Zia Mody
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Shepreneurs Articles

It is that time of the year when we begin preparations for the annual Entrepreneur's Shepreneurs list featuring some of India's brightest female entrepreneurs and professionals. We are now accepting nominations for the 2022 edition.

This is an opportunity to nominate yourself or someone you know for doing remarkable, impactful work in the field of business and be a part of the coveted Shepreneurs list. In short, we are looking for female achievers with a stellar track record.

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