Sejal Kumar Indian YouTuber

A regular student of SRCC Delhi who is now their notable alumni, Sejal Kumar started her YouTube channel in 2014 and her first video was shot in Turkey. She chose to skip college placements and take up YouTube as a full-time job. She journeyed across making YouTube videos for fun, eventually monetizing the platform that showcases videos of her singing, dancing, acting and creating fashion & lifestyle content.

Presently a digital entertainer and artist in her own capacity, Sejal is not just on YouTube but also on Netflix in a series called Engineering Girls. With over a million subscribers on YouTube, Sejal kick-started her channel with budget friendly fashion looks, making fashion relatable and easy to put together for everyone.

Taking her personal style one step forward, Sejal also released her line of clothing with Stalk Buy Love which is not common for someone who doesn’t come from a fashion industry. A woman of many talents, this 24-year-old star has a massive following on all her social media platforms making her influential in the digital space.

She’s an ambassador of speaking on important issues such as sex, equality, women hygiene, mental health and many more, Sejal has always been vocal on subjects that are less likely to be spoken of, online and offline. She addresses a lot of these topics in her video series Mom and me on YouTube, where in her mum who is a gynecologist by profession imparts a lot of her knowledge and experiences to Sejal and her subscribers. She was also part of UNICEF’s initiative for convention rights of the child in 2019.

Sejal has to her name a lot of awards namely Best Vlog Award 2018 in the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2018, Best Lifestyle Blogger in Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2019, Best Youth Influencer Award by Women of Steel Summit and Awards, Fashion Account of the year 2018 Award by Instagram, Exhibit Magazine Award of Top 5000 Influencers 2019, and Instagrammer of the Year for Fashion 2019.

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