Deepak WadhwaFounder & Director, DNA Technologies

Mr Deepak Wadhwa, a discerning first-generation entrepreneur – Founder & Director of the flagship “DNA Technologies” – brings with him 24+ years’ experience in diverse realms.
Starting his journey with academic background in Electronics, on the way he acquired proficiency in Information Technology, Industrial Processes and Commercial Automation. His entrepreneurial odyssey began from imparting computer education and software development. Along the way, he learnt the intricacies of Solar Panel vertical and then the next obvious step was the amazing world of Lithium Batteries which has now taken the world by awe. Not satisfied with the progress so far, he has now ventured into a distinctly unique world of ‘Specialized Textiles’.
Passionate towards new technologies that are Green and Sustainable, Mr Deepak Wadhwa is a strategic entrepreneur who brings forth a total life-cycle approach in relation to processes, materials, and technologies. In other words, from the concept on the drawing board, to its culmination in production, to ultimately reaping the rewards through commercial profits.
Deepak routinely gets invited by various engineering colleges for interacting with their students. Recently he delivered a lecture in IIT Patna on Lithium Battery Manufacturing.

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