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It's an opportunity for you to connect with the best and brightest minds to explore how to fuel their business growth. The conference brings together the speakers that are the best breed of entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, business model creators, consultants, policy-makers, academicians, support groups, business coaches and business practitioners to present and discuss innovation and success under the aegis of entrepreneurship for Small and Medium Businesses as they recount their learning and experiences, share their insights and practices that have enriched their ventures.

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Our Speakers

  • K PandairajanFounder, Ma Foi Group

  • Dr. NK ChettiChairman, Nalli Silks

  • Arun ChandrasekaranCo-founder & CTO, FourKites

  • Shailendra NaiduCEO, OBOPAY

  • Dorai ThodlaCEO, iMorph Inc.

  • Rekha BabuCo-founder, Soothika Ayurveda

  • Arunprasad DurairajCo-founder & CEO, Flintobox

  • Vandhana RamanathanCEO and Mompreneur, Wsquare

  • Madan PadakiFounder & CEO, 1Bridge

  • Amit GuptaCo-Founder- Inmobi & CEO, Yulu Bikes

  • Sonali LalvaniFounder, Toniq Retails

  • Balram NairVice President, Chennai angels

  • Likhita BhanuCo-founder & CEO, Terragreens Organic

  • Arul MuruganFounder, Snack Experts

  • Chozha Nachiar RajasekarPresident, The Tamil Chamber of Commerce

  • Dr. Thillai RajanProfessor- Dept. of Management Studies, IIT Madras

  • Dr Rajendra Kumar IASPrincipal Secretary / Industries Commissioner and Director of Industries and Commerce

  • Narayanan BVice President, Phi Capital

  • A.B. ChakravarthyPrincipal, Menterra Venture Advisors


  • 10:30 am - 11:30 | Session 1Session I: Future Of Starting Up

  • Session I: Future Of Starting Up

    How to Start a Business with the Future in Mind?
    10:30 am - 11:30 am

    Session Highlights

    • Building brands to shift industries: today, tomorrow, the future
    • What it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in 2018
    • What helps Start-ups and SME’s to scale rapidly
    • The Investment and Its ROI – what you put and what to expect
  • 11:30 - 12:30 | Session 2Session II: The Future Of Business Of Brands

  • Session II: The Future Of Business Of Brands

    Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

    Session Highlights

    • Moving from Push to Pull Strategy : Understanding
    • Niche and emerging brands that are consumer customized
    • What is the Narrative for a strong price/value proposition
    • Building a Community around your brand – Addressing consumers need to belong
    • Predicting the Numbers – How does the Brand become profitable and/or sustainable
  • 12:30- 13:00 | Session 3Keynote: The Future of Consumer Experience

  • How to Ensure Your Organisation Is Truly Customer-Centric & Drive A Passion For Customer Experience Throughout

  • 13:00 - 14:00Networking Lunch
  • 14:00- 14:45 | Session 1The Future of Retail

  • Modern businesses and entrepreneurial leaders are driven by purpose - what you want to be known for and the emotional journey of the customer, rather than just the sales journey.

    Session 1
    14:00- 14:45 pm

    Session Highlights

    • New Formats: Asset light and business sound
    • Omni channel Business: Reaching out to consumer where they want, when they want and how they want
    • Building small format experiential store
  • 14:45- 15:30 | PART II Session 2Preparing Women Entrepreneurs To Grow

  • Women Founders I Women Investors I Women-driven Opportunities

    Session 2
    14:45- 15:30 pm

    Session Highlights

    • Minimizing Barriers + Maximizing Inclusion
    • Case study presented by successful women entrepreneurs
    • Access to finance for business growth: Is it easy for women?
    • Franchise opportunities for women entrepreneurs
    • Enabling environment and policy reforms for women
    • How can women entrepreneurs drive more business growth?
  • 15:30- 16:15 | Session 3The Future of Food Service

  • Session 3
    15:15 pm - 16:15 pm

    Session Highlights

    • Delivery is the direction the customer is moving toward, and that restaurants need to accommodate that demand in order to be competitive.
    • How some restaurant owners and operators are rethinking the layout of their locations
    • The New Outlook to takeaway formats
    • How Global Brands are at the top of the game
    • How big brands are transforming their in-store experience
  • 16:15- 17:00 | Session 4The Future Of Education Business

  • Session 4
    16:15- 17:00 pm

    Session Highlights

    • Challenges and opportunities in Ed-Tech Business
    • Building Leadership and Innovation in K12 Education & Training
    • A Business case for Digitization: Leveraging New and Old Technologies into for Today’s Education Business Models
    • Turning the dream of Edueconomy into a reality
    • How to Scale up Personalized Learning
  • 10:30 - 11:30 | Session 1How To Grow And Transition Your Business

  • You have a successful business and it is time to grow it in fast mode. It is time to take the next step and involve other people, but executing this and making it happen is a daunting prospect. Get mentored, know what to outsource and judging timing can be challenging. This seminar will give you practical tips on how to manage this transition successfully.

    Session 1
    10:30 - 11:30

    Session Highlights

    • How to Get Better & Faster both as Founder and Operator
    • Understanding Staffing today for Tomorrow’s Needs
    • Super Growth: What drives the modern-day entrepreneur?
    • Starting small, Thinking big
    • Building a winning team: How do you design an optimal working environment?
  • 11:30 - 12:30 | Session 2 The Future of Investment

  • Founder to Venture: Lessons from Both Sides of the Table

    Session 2
    11:30 pm - 12:30 pm

    Session Highlights

    • Funding 101: Navigating the VC Landscape in Consumer business
    • VC Logic: What Investors Really Want to See and Hear
    • Investing in the Next-Generation of Consumer Business: How and what
  • 12:30 - 13:00 | Session 3Keynote: The Future of the Auto Industry

  • Preparing for the evolving mobility ecosystem

    As the future of mobility arrives, automakers and dealerships may need to rethink their traditional operations to appeal to customers looking for customization and connectedness.

  • 13:00 - 14:00Networking Lunch
  • 14:00 - 15:00 | Session 1The Future of Innovation in Franchising

  • Session 1
    14:00 - 15:00 pm

    Session Highlights

    • How modern day franchise businesses are brand-led, asset-driven and a platform of change and yet accelerating growth and disrupting industries.
    • How the entrepreneurial underpinning of franchising supports and nurtures innovation
    • The Innovative Franchise Ideas for 2018 and Beyond
  • 15:00- 16:00 | Session 2Starting a SOHO Business

  • Starting a SOHO Business

    Session 2
    15:00 am - 15:30 pm

    Session Highlights

    • Running a Small business in 2018?
    • New Age Entrepreneurs will share their experiences on how they cut out adversities and unfavorable situations and finally tasted success, building their business in their own small and Profitable way.
  • 16:00- 17:00 | Session 3 Startup Kickoff

  • The Mega Session: My Business, New Day, New Way

    Running a business in 2018? It can be tough to ignore outside pressures. Investors, mentors, advisors, your friends - seemingly everyone has an opinion. New Age Entrepreneurs will share their experiences on how they cut out adversities and unfavourable situations and finally tasted success, building their business their way


  • How to recognize a business opportunity or identify a feasible business idea.
  • Creative techniques to extend expand and further a business idea.
  • How to create an actionable business plan.
  • Key skill sets for early-stage entrepreneurship.
  • How to structure terms and conditions between entrepreneurs and external investors.
  • Basic working models for customer, market and competitor analysis.
  • How to establish formats of decision-making, execution and action oriented management with process that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Recruitment, team building and management processes suitable for new ventures.
  • What it takes to have a successful "brand" and how to create and grow your "brand" for potential opportunities.
  • Scaling up possibilities in start-up companies.
  • Developing your business talents, capabilities, leadership, and skills as a business owner.
  • Rub shoulders with industry leaders, VCs and entrepreneurs
  • Discover the business-critical innovations that are shaping and scaling startups.


If you are a "pro-action" entrepreneur and aspire to transform your small business into a big league player, you cannot Miss # Entrepreneur 2018
  • Prospective, emerging and existing businesses
  • Enterprises looking at funding
  • Businesses looking at JVs, alliances and tie-ups
  • Enterprise Professionals
  • Business Consultants and Analysts
  • Product led enterprises
  • Service Led enterprises
  • Chain store operators
  • policy makers and Business Associations
  • Real estate business owners
  • Retail and B-Schools students

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