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Shri Navin Mittal

Commissioner of Collegiate Education, Government of Telangana

Navin Mittal is presently the Commissioner of Collegiate Education and Technical Education. Prior to this, he worked as Secretary Municipal Administration & Urban Development of the State and also the Commissioner and Secretary, Information and Public Relations Department.

He began his career as Sub Collector Mulugu in Warangal District and later worked as Project Officer, Integrated Tribal Development Agency in Adilabad District. Among his other notable works were the successfully spearheading an agitation against the unscrupulous activities of Microfinance institutions (MFIs) in Andhra Pradesh and also leading the rescue, relief and rehabilitation efforts against the large scale flooding of Krishna District due to Ogni Cyclone in 2006.

As Special Commissioner of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) from 2010 to 2015, he was instrumental in tripling the revenue of the corporation in five years. In 2016, he worked as Secretary Finance and successfully raised nearly Rs 30,000 crore from financial institutions, banks and through market bonds for the Mission Bhagirath project.

Learn Network Thrive

It's an opportunity for you to connect with the best and brightest minds to explore how to fuel their business growth. The conference brings together the speakers that are the best breed of entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, business model creators, consultants, policy-makers, academicians, support groups, business coaches and business practitioners to present and discuss innovation and success under the aegis of entrepreneurship for Small and Medium Businesses as they recount their learning and experiences, share their insights and practices that have enriched their ventures.

What To Expect?

  • Great Speakers
    Listen to the leading thoughtleaders from around the Country and Hyderabad.
  • Networking
    Network with the thought leaders, Entrepreneurs, Leading Media, Investors, Startups, business owners and more
  • Interactive Panel Discussions
    Don't just listen to them, probe them to know the right strategies that will help your business
  • Meet New Businesses
    Meet New business from all sectors starting from Retail, Fashion, F&B, Education, Technology to Healthcare and more. They are looking for franchisees or investors

Knowledge 2020

The Start-up Summit, 2020 is a single day platform where 50+ business experts from India and abroad will share New Ideas, trends and business opportunities to enrich the business community. Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem for starting up, building a sustainable business, Youth Empowerment and New Age Business Ideas to grow. The summit will focus on emerging trends across Retail & Consumer Sectors including Health, Beauty & Wellness, Food & Beverages, Retail, Education, Distribution & Real Estate businesses. This one day event will be packed with perspective building insight, training, coaching and mentoring for businesses during their critical start-up years and getting ready to take up growth challenge. The forum will focus on inspiring and educating young startups and entrepreneurs.

  • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

    Session I: Government's Imminent Rolein Nurturing State Entrepreneurship
    • How is the State bolstering its Economic Index by Building an agile Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
    • How Industry &growth businesses can support each other
    • Fostering competitive laws & regulations to build future companies
    Read More
  • 11:30 AM - 12:15 PM

    SESSION II: How Technology-enabled Startups will Create Future Conglomerates
    • Why AI & Machine Learning is slated to become the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    • What drives Electric vehicles to be popular
    Read More
  • 12:15 PM - 12:50 PM

    Session III: The VC Logic: What Investors Want
    • How do VC’s identify where the investments should go: Sectorial trends and identifying small opportunities for starting up. Why most unlikely startups get funding?
    • How Startups and VC’s work can together: less pressures, more productivity. How to make exits more affable and win-win
    Read More
  • 12:50 PM - 13:20 PM

    Session IV: Keynote: How I did it

    Building Global Presence, Global Teams, Localized products and Strike Partnerships

    Read More
  • 14:20PM - 15:05 PM

    SESSION V: The Age of Lifestyle Innovation

    Choices have become specific and consumers have a variety of them. Consumer businesses are no more about just selling; they are about selling what a consumer needs, demands& fancies. How personal consumption influences businesses today is a well-thought science that needs decoding.

    • New Retail: New Formats, New Stores
    • Omni Channel Businesses: Consumer is King
    • Building for Scale: Growth & Sustainability
    • FMCG and New Consumer products that are changing shelves
    Read More
  • 15:05 PM - 15:30 PM

    SESSION VI: Taking an Idea From Seed Stage to Series A

    • How to get investment in early days
    • Managing investment in resources, team-building and R&D
    • Scaling the company step-by-step
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  • 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

    Session I: Taking an Idea From Seed Stage to Series A
    • How to get investment in early days
    • Managing investment in resources, team-building and R&D
    • Scaling the company step-by-step
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  • 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

    Session II: The VC Logic: What Investors Want
    • Funding 101: Navigating the VC Landscape in Consumer business
    • What Investors Really Want to See & Hear
    • Investing in the Next-Generation of Businesses: How & What
    Read More
  • 12:30 PM - 13:00 PM

    SESSION III: Fireside Chat: Corporate Connect: Entrepreneurship Match

    In order to win the entrepreneurial match, Indian corporates need to up their ante and indulge with budding entrepreneurship to co-create and co-exist.

    • People, Capital, & Technology: How corporates scale innovations, expand
    Read More
  • 14:00 AM - 15:00 PM

    SESSION IV: The Future of Innovation in Franchising
    • How modern-day franchise businesses are brand-led, asset-driven and a platform of change and yet accelerating growth and disrupting industries.
    • How the entrepreneurial underpinning of franchising supports and nurtures innovation
    • The Innovative Franchise Ideas for 2018 and Beyond
    Read More
  • 15:00 AM - 16:00 PM

    SESSION V: STARTUP KICKOFF The Mega Session: My Business, New Day, New Way
    • Running a business in 2018? It can be tough to ignore outside pressures. Investors, mentors, advisors, your friends - seemingly everyone has an opinion. New Age Entrepreneurs will share their experiences on how they cut out adversities and unfavourable situations and finally tasted success, building their business their way
    Read More
( Here ) An
Entrepreneur Is Born
  • Hear How the Digital and Physical Worlds in Retail and Product Lines will combine
  • Opportunities to Meet potential Investors, Incbators/Accelerators and Bankers to Raise Capital
  • Cut out strategic partnerships through Franchising, Licensing,
  • Distributorship & JV's.
  • Discover new Business Innovations and Industries and Brands to Invest in
  • Evaluate growth potential of new Business Ideas.
  • To enable ME's to raise capital for their Business Growth.
  • Opportunity identification and qualification process in buying a Franchise
  • Building operational efficiency and speed of Business for Scaling up
Take aways
  • How to recognize a business opportunity or identify a feasible business idea.
  • Creative techniques to extend expand and further a business idea.
  • How to create an actionable business plan.
  • Key skill sets for early-stage entrepreneurship.
  • How to structure terms and conditions between entrepreneurs and external investors.
  • Basic working models for customer, market and competitor analysis.
  • How to establish formats of decision-making, execution and action oriented management with process that encourages entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Recruitment, team building and management processes suitable for new ventures.
  • What it takes to have a successful "brand" and how to create and grow your "brand" for potential opportunities.
  • Scaling up possibilities in start-up companies.
  • Developing your business talents, capabilities, leadership, and skills as a business owner.
  • Rub shoulders with industry leaders, VCs and entrepreneurs
  • Discover the business-critical innovations that are shaping and scaling startups.
Who Should
  • Prospective, emerging and existing businesses
  • Enterprises looking at funding
  • Businesses looking at JVs, alliances and tie-ups
  • Enterprise Professionals
  • Business Consultants and Analysts
  • Product led enterprises
  • Service Led enterprises
  • Chain store operators
  • Policy makers and Business Associations
  • Real estate business owners
  • Retail and B-Schools students

"Its been sensational to meet the other delegates" Surya Pramud
Owner, TechOuts

"It was great to be able to speak with people who are delving into similar challenges in their own companies " Sanjay Singh
Owner, Madem power


"Overall the StartupSummit was an excellent investment of my time" K devendra
MD & Co -Founder
Adelfe Solution

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