Lingamurthy Madaraboina Founder & CEO, Vitwit

Murthy is the Co-founder & CEO of Vitwit (, a technology company aimed to empower the business with AI, Blockchain and Cloud. Vitwit helps businesses to build, automate and scale their products and services with AI, Blockchain, cloud services. In his journey of entrepreneurship, Murthy has consulted many startups to devise product development and scaling strategies. He is also leading a Vitwit's R&D centre for AI and Quantum Computing established at RGUKT Basar ( At the age of 23, Murthy along with two of his friends started Vitwit in 2015. Today, Vitwit stands as one of the best AI & Blockchain companies in 2020. They built a team 35 plus engineers who are highly skilled in AI, Blockchain and Cloud technologies. He graduated with a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science from the RGUKT Basar, Telangana, India.