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  • $110 Billion +

    Digital & Technology Industry

  • 90%

    Increases in per capita income through technological innovations

  • 2X

    Tech Pros earn almost double than average state salary

  • 50%

    Of organized jobs created by Digital & Technology Industry (2011-16)

An authoritative list of the best of entrepreneurs showcasing how technology can change our world.

We all know technology has taken over our world. Technology will no longer remain just outside of us, but it is relocating inside of us in the form of wearables, Brain computer Interface, nanotechnology, and human genome editing. What we are experiencing is a shift in the very definition of what it means to be human.

Entrepreneur Magazine - America's voice for entrepreneurship - is back with the 4th edition of Tech 50. The Tech 50 edition features entrepreneurs who are harnessing technology for the greater good of mankind. The issue doesn't predict the future it only showcases where we are headed in the future. Our annual issue showcases when humans use technology at its best what future they can create. This technological change will be led by the entrepreneurs who happen to be the biggest change makers.

Nominations are Open. Last Date of Nominations April 20th, 2020
Class of 2019
Class of 2018
Class of 2017

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