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23 - 24 Aug, 2016Hotel Pullman, New Delhi

Every aspect of city life is up for disruption: from how we move to the infrastructure and services we need, from our privacy to Urbanization is beyond the smart city and builds on Innovation that positively impacts mankind with New living by Integrating environmental and social issues, infrastructure planning, architecture, information, communication and technology.

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Inside the Urbanization Summit

The summit is the Urban Thinkers Campus where leaders in business, real estate, Government, academia, and activism will share a Road Map to the Cities We Need to build for tomorrow’s India.

Smart Future Cities

A powerful wave of urban innovation is further pressing on the need for smartcities realaities .Everywhere, entrepreneurs and innovators are tapping into the immense power of technology to solve concrete and pressing challenges in cities. Smart Future cities are about creating open, nimble and places withpeople at the cente and technology as the facilitoator.

How can new cities attract and retain residents and businesses that can accelerate economic growth ?
Builders of new cities prioritize high levels of innovation and entrepreneurship andseek to create vibrant and economically successful engines of growth ?
As multi-modal systems become the norm, how will the design of cities change ?
How is the shared economy is creating new urban community ideals focused on trust ?
Keeping up with today’s societal and cultural demands, expectations and trends ?

Modern Transportation

Continued congestion and worsening pollution in the urban envirenmenoment necssitated modern transporation .Mobility-as-a-service is emerging as the answer to these changing times , allowing the convergence of many forms of transport and a new consumer base for vehicles.

why are individuals still choosing car ownership instead of mass transport ?
Building Equity In Mobility : Addressing the first/last mile gap in transport systems.
How does public transport ensure it is not sidestepped by uber-efficient innovations ?
Answering the Need for trust and Privacy in Shared economy ?

The New Smart Living

Moving towards a Safer, Smarter, and More Secure Connected Home the track will provide the backdrop of one of the most influential Brands and Entrepreneurs dedicated to bringing value in the Smart Homes and smart living services by making ithe smart home increasingly secure, reliable, simple and affordable.

The Growing need for Security and Safe living ?
Developing smart living services rather than cool products ?
Uniting object, connectivity and intelligence for a truly smart home ?
Examining opportunities for consumers to monitor and maintain security remotely ?

Smart Energy

Modern Cities need to rethink their whole energy cycle from production to monitoring and consumption. exchange ideas with energy leaders, business innovators, academics that are bringing forward New innovations that will play a centralrole in rewiring which energy to use and how to use it.

“The New Energy Industry” getting ready for takeoff ?
How can cities become centers of energy production ?
The Future Smart Grid ?


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