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Award Nomination
Award Categories

Kindly select one or more of the following Categories, you would like to nominate for the awards:

  • Best Food and Drink Campaign
  • Best Travel Campaign
  • Best Health & Wellbeing Campaign
  • Best Fashion and Style Campaign
  • Best Beauty Campaign
  • Best Campaign in a Small Budget
  • Most Effective Campaign for ROI
  • Most Efficient Collaboration
  • Most Innovative Influencer Marketing Campaign
  • Best Brand Engagement Campaign
  • Best Integrated Influencer Marketing Campaign (multi-channel)
  • Best Use of Video Content
  • Best Influencer Performance Marketing Agency
  • Best Influencer Marketing Agency
  • Best Content Marketing Agency
  • Best Creative Marketing Agency
  • Best Emerging Influencer Marketing Agency
  • Best Innovative Influencer Marketing Agency
Individual Awards
  • Entertainer of the year
  • Most viral content creator of the year
  • Best Fashion Vlogger of the year
  • Best Beauty Vlogger of the year
  • Best Blog of the year
  • Best Food Vlogger of the Year
  • Best PR Campaign of the Year
  • Media Relations Campaign of the Year
  • Innovative Digital PR Campaign
  • Community Engagement Initiative of the Year
  • Social Media Influencer Partnership of the Year
  • Brand Reputation Management of the Year
  • Sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Communication of the Year
  • Public Affair Campaign of the Year
  • In-House PR team of the Year
  • PR agency of the Year
  • Video PR Campaign
  • Rising Star of the year
  • Best Newcomer of the year
  • Celebrity Influencer of the Year
  • Influencer of the year
  • Disruptor of the year
  • Trendsetter of the year
  • International Influencer of the year
  • Best Fashion Influencer
  • Best Tech Influencer
  • Best Food Influencer
  • Best Beauty Influencer
  • Best Health & Wellbeing Influencer
  • Best Travel Influencer
  • Best Philanthropy & Green Influencer
  • Best Entertainment Influencer
  • Best Product Reviewer of the Year
  • Best Art & Photography Influencer
  • Best Education Influencer
  • Best Financial Influencer Award
  • Gaming Influencer of the Year
  • Young Influencer of the Year
  • Social Influencer of the Year
  • Best info / Knowledge influencer of the Year
  • Best Lifestyle Influencer
  • Best Influencer Marketing Platform
  • Best Influencer Discovery Tool
  • Best Relationship Management Tool
  • Best Campaign Planning and Management Tool
INDIVIDUAL PR Influencer Categories
  • PR Entrepreneur of the Year
  • PR Though leader of the Year
  • PR Mentor of the Year
  • Social Media PR Innovator
  • Community Engagement Champion
  • Sustainability PR Leader
  • Global PR visionary
  • Lifetime Achievement in PR Entrepreneurship
  • PR Freelancer of the Year
  • Best Culture of the Year
  • Diversity & Inclusion Company of the Year
  • Young PR Professional of the Year (Corporate Communications)
  • Young PR Professional of the Year (Agency)
  • PR Team of the Year (Corporate Communications)
  • PR Team of the Year (Agency)
  • PR Professional of the Year (Corporate Communications)
  • PR Professional of the Year (Agency)
  • PR Agency Head of the Year
  • PR Corporate Communications Head of the Year
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