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In order to better understand India's position in the current global macroeconomic environment, the opportunities that India can take advantage of, and the roadblocks to India becoming a $5 trillion economy, the India Investment Forum will bring together some of the most influential financial minds, senior policymakers, Entrepreneurs , investors, industry leaders, and legal honchos to share the most cutting edge research and insights to spot trends and patterns to help you see the big picture.

For India to be one of the fastest economies in the world, It’s time to adopt a growth mindset, but What are the key drivers on which investors ought to focus? Which of the sunrise industries is climbing to prominence? Growth vs. value conundrum in Manufacturing or opportunity in serving 1.5 Billion Indian Consumers? Focus on global growth boosters?

November 20, 2023, Hotel Trident, BKC, Mumbai
10:00 am – 10:10 am

Welcome Note

Ms. Ritu Marya, Editor in chief, Entrepreneur India & APAC

10:10 am – 10:30 am

India Shining @ 75

The session will discuss the opportunities for India's growth story and what measures are needed to ensure India remains the fastest-growing major economy in the world.

Big Thinking for SMEs
10:30 am - 11:15 am How are VCs and PE’s weighing Investments?
The Changing Funding Ecosystem for Industries and sectors
Leading Venture capital investors will discuss:
  • New investment trends and the outlook for capital flows to startups in 2023
  • What sectors will be the big winners?
  • How can Indian start-ups become more resilient to attract growth capital for their businesses?
11:15 am - 12:00 pm Session Partner How Green is Driving Opportunities for Investors
Navigating opportunities across Green fuel, Green farming, Green Mobility, and Green energy

Even as EVs lead the charge, the energy transition from green hydrogen to Agri based biofuels promises investors multiple avenues to benefit from this transition throughout the Green supply chain.

The panellist will delve into these opportunities in this session:

  • How the circular economy encompasses business opportunities across sustainable production, consumption, and transportation
  • How business leaders and investors are assessing the potential scalability in sustainability led businesses
  • New Business models related to Product as service by Retaining product ownership (RPO) And Product life extension by increasing durability
12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

"The rise and rise of competitive Socialising - The story of The Social Gaming Group and The Oche brand".

12:30 pm - 13:00 pm

Putting Governance in the Center

  • Increased Governance will improve businesses' accountability and risk management.
  • From an investor's perspective, it can lower investment risks, make them more appealing to investors, and improve exits and deal flows. .

13:00 pm - 14:00 pm Lunch
14:00 pm - 14:45 pm How Education is changing gears
  • There is a huge market for education in India, with over 500 million people in the age group of 5 to 24 years. Favorable Government policies like The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan, Rashtriya Ucchatar Shiksha Abhiyan and programs such as Skill Up India aim to transform the Indian education system to meet the needs of the 21st Century.
  • Higher education has the maximum potential for investment on the back of The Education 4.0 revolution to create opportunities for lifelong learning, build a future-ready workforce. India has allowed the setting up of international branch campuses (IBCs) and offshore education centers (OECs)..
  • Setting up world- class IB schools to prepare students to compete at a global level Vernacularization of K12 education and books, teacher training to make them future ready
  • Edtech ,AI technologies and Gamification for improving engagement in learning and assessments
  • How Public-Private partnerships will improve investment in education and its quality.
14:45 pm - 15:30 pm The Made in India Big Promise
Towards The making of Manufacturing Powerhouse

New manufacturing megatrends have come to the fore in industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, electronics, automotive, industrial machinery, and textiles with government initiatives to bolster manufacturing in the country, capital expenditure infusion into manufacturing sectors, heightened merger and acquisition (M&A) activity, and private equity/venture capital (PE/VC)-led investment. India's production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme has attracted investment worth over Rs 45,000 crore

To capitalize on this opportunity, the panel will delve into :

  • How Indian companies should focus on having a clear export strategy
  • the right execution chops, the right partnerships for enabling better quality
  • The optimal capital expenditure (capex) efficiency focus to build manufacturing capacity.
15:30-15:50 pm Indian luxury chains paving the way forward for the next change in hospitality.
15:50-16.30 pm The Food of FutureIndia’s food processing and food service sectors are both seeing big growth, and output is expected to reach US$ 535 billion by 2025-26.

There is growth in the organized food retail sector, with MSME’s playing a vital role in India’s food processing chain. With the shift in focus from loose to branded packaging, and the shift in consumer preference towards healthy snacking, ,ready to Eat ,ready to cook - there is high demand for packaged, healthy, and immunity building foods such as roasted nuts, popcorn, and roasted pulses. Millets has also taken center stage. At present, India is 10% of its agricultural output; New opportunities to boost processing levels can promise investments in this sector.

Re-defining next-gen food service

  • The future of eating out
  • How brands are thinking convenience, experience and customer delight
16:30 pm -17:00 pm Making it to Bourse: Navigating the Path to Going Public

The panellist will discuss

  • What makes a successful listing?
  • Governance and compliances to be followed
  • Readiness evaluation
  • IPO journey
  • Post-IPO business life
17:00 PM-17.30 PM Fireside Chat
Investment opportunities in today's day and age; Creating bigger businesses out of investments

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