Kevin Leyes

Chairman of Leyes Enterprises and the Founder and CEO of Leyes Media

Kevin Leyes is the Chairman of Leyes Enterprises, his own portfolio and group of companies, and the founder and CEO of Leyes Media, a social media marketing and public relations agency in where they help entrepreneurs, influencers, and artists to grow and boost their social media and digital presences, and Team Leyes, an urban jewelry brand and company.

Leyes also founded Ayudar, a recently launched app that aims to promote collaboration in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Ayudar app connects donors and volunteers with vulnerable people in need and NGOs. During the coronavirus, it also allows its users to request or offer help in special areas such as donations to hospitals, running errands, pickups and deliveries, and remote advice and activities.

Without having a perfect life, Leyes has managed to turn his ideas into great business opportunities. A humble and somewhat complicated life was not enough to stop this young Argentinean from Pontevedra, Merlo and born in Gonzalez Catán from starting the path to make his ideas a reality. What without thinking about it, would make him the owner of three big and well-known companies.

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