About Entrepreneur Awards

Who doesn’t like a reward for their hard work and commitment shown throughout the year?

Get your recognition from the world’s most prestigious print and online media for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneur Media presents the awards to the finest in the business industry. It is a token of appreciation to celebrate the talent that brings the best to the World.

The most prestigious entrepreneurial honors, for the first time, be held virtually

Award Categories

Startup Awards

  • Innovative Start-up of the Year
  • Start-up of the Year - Technology
  • Home or Craft-based Startup
  • Mobility Start-up of the year

Rise Awards

  • Most Enterprising Business
  • Best Customer Service
  • Business Innovation
  • Best Financial Performance

Entrepreneur Awards (Top Honours)

  • Entrepreneur of the Year (Consumer Business)
  • Entrepreneur of the Year (Innovation in Technology)
  • Professional Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year


The show must go on. Now, more than ever, it is essential that we continue to recognise the achievements around us. Recognition is a powerful way for our businesses to continue forward, even when it feels like it’s at a standstill. And not only does it help society and our industries, it helps us as people. Put simply, it feels good to be recognised for our hard work and contributions. It helps us stay positive, engaged and motivated.

Come Join The League & Celebrate This Feeling Of Being On The Top Of The World

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