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23 - 24 Aug, 2016Hotel Pullman, New Delhi
Future ConsumerSummit

Future Business is about consumers and getting to know who and how they would eveolve to identify opportunities for growth. The winners in consumer business will be those who set the trends, not follow. The Summit will outlay the future consumer landscape and match it with innovation spaces. The conventional way we consume ,in the future will bear no resemblance to today’s buying behaviour.

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Inside the consumer Summit

The New age of consumer will be led by Brands AND MANUFACTURERS and ecommerce companies and tech startups who will build a robust understanding of the evolving drivers of consumer attitudes and behaviour vital for future business success.

Smart Future Cities

For an industry not waiting to be made rather waiting to be re-made ,The fashion and lifestyle industry faces just about every challenge going. From Omnichannel to customer expereince to Brand stickiness everything has to be re-built.

where commerce will occur in the future and the emergence of disruptive Distribution? forward-reaching activations in productpersonalization that will shape future health of ecommerce? The Behaviourial Shift and what it means to the Future of Fashion? Business Models of the Future?

Modern Transportation

In our unforgiving world of fast changing markets and a 45% average size of millenial populace changing their Brand Preferences in less than a year ,CMO’s, leading marketers must couple instinct and experience with progressive thinking on brand management to breakthrough, evolve and survive.

Knowing your Future Consumer : Is Consumer Segementation the key
Rethinking Brand Innovation from Within
Building purpose into your Brand
How can brands bridge the online-offline gap
The Human Brand: Building Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age


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