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23 - 24 Aug, 2016Hotel Pullman, New Delhi

Evolution in a society is based on the change in the Human behaviour. People are struggling to change the systems they live in which has led to unprecedented rise of new political movements, radical ideas, and innovative technologies.

The Society Summit will look towards the deep, underlying matters that affect all of us, our culture and the way we live our lives.

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What’s Happening Inside the Summit

Society Summit brings together leading political , Business and Social figures and the people trying to influence them – all against the backdrop of a tech revolution.

Politics & Politicians

Leading political Leaders, Bureaucrat and National Thought Leaders will precedent the dynamic political Leadership impact on the society for Change thinking

The Power of Communication :How data and social media has got India unified ?
Has "Startup India" and "Make in India" brought Millenial Indian democratization ?
How Is The Corporate "Culture" approach driving Indian Government progression ?

Colloborative Consumption

The Uber Approach of What's mine is your's has made Indian society cult for ownership transform to a sharing economy

How it can change 20th century’s hyper-consumption and reduce inequalities in the scoiety ?
Sectors where Business Models on collbative conaumption can work efficetevely ?
What constitutes value in collaborative consumption ?
How can companies govern and manage collaborative consumption ?

Social impact Enterprise

Bringing together a community of socially innovative thinkers who understand what isgood for society is also good for business. Get inspired, educated, and connected the members of the social impact community in their quest to create sustainable solutions to enduring social problems.

How Business for Good is Good for Business ?
CSR : An emerging intersection of traditional for-profit and purely philanthropic organizations ?
Scaling Social Impact: Widening the last mile of the goodness ?

New Frontiers in education

A powerful constellation of global macro social, economic, scientific, and technological change will generate a perfect storm of transformation in Healthcare that extends beyond the regulatory regime as the industry .With Healthcare modelindustry moving towards a “directed care.” which at its core, is predictive and preventative, driving medical practice to be predominantly focused on wellness rather then cure.

The Power of Knowing Your Genome : Perosnalized care ?
Consumer Directed Digitalhealthcare :How wearable tech is giving the power of healthcare in hands of people ?
The changing sources of drug innovation , Medical devices and equipment ?
Price and Quality Transparency: Changing Business Models ?

New Frontiers in education

Digitaization has changed many important functions of modern society— banking, retailing but Education sector has not caught up. It’s time for society to re-evaluate particualrly postsecondary and Higher education—and our entire education system. We need to create new and innovative systems that help individuals achieve their potential.

Education Delivery i.e. modern, customized and helps acquire 21st century skills ?
Democratisation of knowledge and access and How it needs to change management and Need for speed ?


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